Five Television Characters We Really Wish Were on the Air Right Now

TV is usually full of characters  that we can look up to, enjoy, and even idolize. But there are those that we really wish were still on TV that have left us either because their show had hit the end of its run or because it was cancelled. Some of those actors are still kicking around Hollywood taking whatever roles they can find while others might have taken a needed break. Whatever the case there are many that we’d like to see come back, but there also those that wouldn’t fit into any scene right now unless they were a parody or spoof of their former selves. This being the 2010’s there’s so much that offends people anymore that TV shows have to be careful about what they show and to whom.

But the characters listed below would still be welcomed back I’m certain.

5. J.D.-Scrubs

As goofy and uncertain of himself as J.D. was at times he still drove the show with his antics and his constant interaction with the hospital staff and his friends. He was the vital part of the show that couldn’t be replaced or taken away for any extended period of time. Of course if the show ever did come back they’d need to bring back several other cast members to make it work.

4. Uncle Phil-Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Of course this is one that’s not going to happen since James Avery passed away a little while ago. His role on the show was far more important than some people realized since he was one of the few individuals that really interacted with Will on a personal level and kept him in check constantly. He was the father figure that was perfect for the time period.

3. Al Bundy-Married With Children

Ed O’Neill has toned down a bit since joining the cast of Modern Family and it’s fair to say that Al Bundy might not be entirely PC in this day and age when fat-shaming has become such a big problem. But one thing you could always say about Al is that while he was a bit coarse he told it like it was. He wasn’t the Archie Bunker of his time, but he was pretty close.

2. Jackson Teller-Sons of Anarchy

Jax had a bunch of hard choices to make. He wanted to be a good role model to his sons, he wanted to be a good husband, and he wanted to be a part of his MC, but things kept happening that made all of that nearly impossible. Every time he tried to do something good something else would come along and ruin it. In the end he did the only noble thing he could, he took his own life so that his MC and his family would be safe.

1. Dexter-Dexter

Dexter was kind of a hard nut to figure out. He killed those that did wrong but he also took the law into his own hands. He had such an odd way of doing things that it was hard to know if you should be rooting for him or just waiting until he got caught.  Obviously there’s enough people that would love to see him come back, but it’s not too likely that it will happen.

It’d be fun to see a couple of these guys come back, but chances are it will never come to be.

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