Five Storylines We Wish Are Explored on Selling Sunset Season 5

The hit reality television show, Selling Sunset, has been serving us serious real estate eye candy since 2019, and there is no stopping anytime soon. The controversial series follows the personal and professional lives of the team behind the high-end brokerage, The Oppenheim Group, which specializes in luxury real estate in Los Angeles and Orange County. The series has attracted a solid following during the past four seasons, and we expect even bigger and better events to transpire in season 5. The traps have been laid out, and all we have to do is wait for the hook, line, and sinker. The stakes are high, and so are our expectations. Here are five storylines we wish are explored on Selling Sunset season 5:

5. Chrishell and Jason’s shot at happily ever after

The major bombshell that was teased during the season 4 finale was the brewing romance of The Oppenheim Group co-founder, Jason Oppenheim and one of the brokerage’s agents, Chrishell Stause. The two have been co-workers for years, so it was surprising to see their relationship develop from professional to romantic. Chrishell also had her fair share of heartaches from her failed relationship with ex-husband and This is Us star, Justin Hartley, so it would be interesting to see how she navigates her first relationship since the divorce. The announcement of the unlikely union might have also raised a few eyebrows, and frankly, we’re in it for the additional drama.

4. Christine’s fall from grace

The brokerage’s feisty and unapologetic agent, Christine Quinn, crossed the line and has gotten on the bad side of the majority of her colleagues in season 4. The girls who used to walk on eggshells while she was around were now teaming up and starting to fight back. In the upcoming season, we hope to see Christine taste a dose of her own medicine. Her shady and deceitful ways were finally working against her, it would be a challenge to see her get out of the hole she buried herself in. Love her or hate her, but Christine is still one of the best sources of drama on the show.

3. Mary and Christine’s strained relationship

During the first season of the series, we witnessed the close bond between Christine and her co-broker, Mary Fitzgerald. The two ladies were simply inseparable inside and outside of work right until Chrishell joined the brokerage. Seeing Mary grow closer with Chrishell did not sit well with Christine, who seemed to dislike the new girl from the onset. Their relationship got even more strained after Christine dated her now husband, retired tech entrepreneur, Christian Richard. It’s never easy to witness a falling out, especially when it’s with two people who were bonded like sisters. Whether they admit it or not, Mary and Christine were extremely hurt by what happened between them, and still wished the best for each other. We hope this new season can have the two explore their broken relationship more and assess if it is still something worth fixing.

2. The journey of the new kids on the block

We were introduced to two new additions to the brokerage, Emma Hernan and Vanessa Villela. It has been a while since the company welcomed new members, and it felt refreshing to see new faces. This also stirred major drama, as Christine accused Emma of being a third party in a past relationship. Turns out the real estate world is smaller than we imagined. We hope that Emma and Vanessa also get the same air times as the other girls in the brokerage in season five. Both of them seem like interesting people, who definitely adds more flair to the already controversial storyline. This would also be a chance to get to know them more and see how their presence can either unite the girls of make them grow even farther apart.

1. The future of The Oppenheim Group

We have learned to root for the success of The Oppenheim Group over the years. Its co-founders, twin brothers, Jason and Brett, were trailblazers who dominated the luxury real estate market in Los Angeles. We learned last season that Brett was leaving the company to start his own brokerage. This came as a huge surprise, as the dynamic duo were literally and figuratively two peas in a pod. Blood is thicker than water, and we hope that the two brothers’ stay united despite pursuing different directions in their respective careers. The announcement on the brokerage expansion to cover the Orange County market as well opens a lot of opportunities for their brand to grow in California. The real estate industry is evolving, and we can’t wait to see what new tricks Jason and Brett have got under their sleeves.

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