Five Sitcom Records That Will Be Nearly Impossible to Break

In the history of the situational comedy show, a sitcom, in other words, there are a lot of records that have been made, and there are plenty that are broken every now and then since they’re easily attainable. There are those records that don’t appear in danger of being broken anytime soon though since they tend to be hard to attain let alone break, as some sitcoms have set an extremely high bar for anyone else to follow. At some point in history, it might be possible to see such records broken, but in the case of some of those that are listed, it might take the absolute perfect sitcom in one genre or at one given time that can even hope to come close to some of the records that have been laid down. A lot of people tend to follow the ‘never say never’ idea, which is wise since few things are ever permanent in this world when it comes to ambition and determination. But these sitcom records are going to be tough to break no matter what saying people cling to.

Here are a few sitcom records that might be nearly impossible to break.

5. Most Emmy Wins for a Comedy – Schitt’s Creek

One might not expect to see a more modern show on this list but it wasn’t impossible since Schitt’s Creek took home 9 Emmy awards in one season, which is apparently a world record. But even more impressive is considering that it was up against tried and true sitcoms that were well-established and featured just as many well-known actors and had dozens of storylines that kept people watching with each consecutive show. But for one reason or another, be it the comedy, the acting, or something else that might have drawn people in, this show managed to pull off a record that might be tough to beat.

4. Highest Advertising Rate for a Sitcom – Friends

Given the popularity of this show, it’s not incredibly hard to think that advertising space and duration were going to come at a pretty high cost. But when a sitcom can pull down something close to Superbowl money for ad time and space then one knows that people have made it possible to allow this to happen since they like the show that much. It still boggles the mind that product placement and the scant amount of running time would take up that much money, but when all the math is figured out and the justification is set for such a thing, it makes sense, kind of. All in all, though, the finale of Friends was a gold mine for some folks.

3. Longest Running Live-Action Sitcom – Last of the Summer Wine

The world records for TV actually start in the UK apparently and while this record might one day be taken down since shows are lasting longer and longer, sometimes, Last of the Summer Wine endured what a lot of shows simply can’t these days. From the loss of main characters to the shifting of public opinion and the continuing changes that happen throughout the decades, this show stuck around through thick and thin up until 2010, when it finally concluded its 37-year long run. That’s kind of amazing really since it would mean that this show was almost four decades old when it finally kicked off. Yes, there are older shows, but not live-action sitcoms.

2. Longest Running Animated – The Simpsons

This list should have been expected to show up here since The Simpsons have been going since the 80s when they first appeared on The Tracey Ullman Show, and while there are rumors of the show finally taking its last bow eventually, it hasn’t happened yet. There’s still more than enough love for The Simpsons since they’ve become a household name that’s known around the world and, as a result, are loved to the point that taking them away would be considered a sin. Plus, the show holds more records than this one for all that it’s done over the years, which isn’t surprising at all considering how full each scene has been at times.

1. Highest Nielsen Rating for a Sitcom – I Love Lucy

One might want to say that of course there will be a show that will be more popular than I Love Lucy, that something will come along that will rock the Nielsen ratings. That would be quite the argument since the ratings set by this show back in the day have been virtually unheard of ever since. It might happen that one of these days when these records have been allowed to collect enough dust, someone might come along with a show that will change the game entirely. But until then, this record has stood for a while and is bound to stand even longer unless a show can magically appear and shatter the record.

Some sitcom records are bound to stand the test of time.

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