Five Scenes We Would Remove From The Star Wars Movies

Five Scenes We Would Remove From The Star Wars Movies

There are plenty of scenes in Star Wars that make people cringe even as they attempt to enjoy the franchise. Some of them have to do with the original trilogy, some with the prequels, and there are plenty of cringe-worthy scenes in the most recent trilogy thanks to the vision that the current filmmakers took. For one reason or another, the vision of Star Wars has never been a unified thing since people will continue to quibble about what’s canon, what’s not, and what deserves to be in the overall story and what should be left out. When it comes to various scenes though some people might actually argue for keeping them in while others would rather see them tossed out like dirty dishwater, to be discarded and hopefully forgotten by the time they walk back inside. Obviously this isn’t going to happen in the current era since each and every scene ever put on film and released to the public is going to be copied, saved, and pasted to any platform willing to take it. But there are a few scenes that a lot of people would agree just need to go.

Here are a few scenes that Star Wars could likely do without.

5. Captain Phasma’s death scene.

Captain Phasma was actually a pretty badass character, which is why seeing her taken out by Finn in such a manner was hard to take since he was a run of the mill stormtrooper at one point and didn’t appear to have any special training. Phasma on the other hand, for those that have read the book featuring the rise to her position, was a bonafide fighter and a survivor, which means that her death scene in That Last Jedi was entirely undeserved given what she’d already been through. Having her vaporized by a shot from a walker such as the one BB-8 was operating would have been better, but falling away into a gout of fire was just too anticlimactic.

4. The moment that Anakin realizes Palpatine is Darth Sidious.

Personally I don’t like to rag on the Star Wars movies, but being realistic it’s all too easy since there are moments such as this when one can’t help but think “Take him out now!” when Anakin is facing down Palpatine. Of course, it’s easy to think that Palpatine would have fried him right then and there since Anakin had no idea what the emperor could really do at that point. But thanks to the fear he had of his vision coming true, of Padme crying out in pain, kept him from making a decision that could have at least halted the collapse of a galaxy into tyranny. But of course, the story has to go on as it was intended, otherwise, the prequels would have been re-writing history.

3. Kylo Ren throwing a tantrum in the elevator.

If there was any doubt that Kylo Ren was a bit of a diva then this pretty much demolished that last bit of doubt since ramming his helmet into the wall of the elevator over and over again was a huge exclamation point that laid to rest any idea that he might have been a rational and masterful individual that knew how to contain himself when it really mattered. It was apparent the moment he threw the massive tantrum after finding Rey had escaped, but there was still hope that he might be able to redeem himself at one point. But all the way up until his final moments in Rise of Skywalker, Kylo was kind of a whiny kid that was only all there when he was getting his way.

2. The lightsaber duel in The Force Awakens.

There’s a big problem with this duel and it has a lot to do with the fact that neither Finn nor Rey really earned their skills with the lightsaber. They were both taught or had to learn how to fight, but at the same time, the lightsaber isn’t a stunning weapon since it will shear through anything it touches. Kylo, despite being such a pain, was a trained fighter that should have been able to dispatch both Finn and Rey with a fair amount of ease, but instead, we were given a scene that somehow states that Rey can fight off another lightsaber with a sudden flash of intuition and instinct that allowed her to fight. By that measure, she should have been dominant in the throne room fight after spending further time training between the first two movies.

1. Luke drinking milk from a sea cow.

Was this scene really that necessary? Luke had obviously absconded to the middle of BFE in the galaxy for his own reasons, but to make him an old and fearful hermit doesn’t really track with the hero of the Rebellion that faced down two of the more powerful dark side Force-users in the galaxy. It’s almost as though the defeat he suffered at his student’s hands was enough to emasculate and traumatize him in ways that were far worse than being told that your father is a genocidal maniac that just lopped your hand off.

There are moments in Star Wars that just make people say ‘Why?’.

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