Five Scenes From Succession That Went Too Far

Now in its third season, Succession has become one of the most popular shows on HBO. The series centers around the Roy family and their successful media company. After the family patriarch falls ill, his children begin battling over who will be next in line to run the company. However, their father has no plans to hand anything over to anyone. As a result, the entire family finds itself at odds and their true colors start to show. So far, the Roys have proven that they will do just about anything for a chance to get ahead, and that has led to some very shocking moments throughout the series. Keep reading to see our list of five scenes from Succession that went way too far.

1. Waiter Dies in A Car Crash

Anyone who has seen Succession knows that the entire Roy family is capable of some pretty twisted stuff. Every time one of them has the chance to do the right thing, it seems like they always make the wrong choice. That was definitely the case during season one when Kendall asked a waiter at a party to help him find drugs. When the two left the venue, they ended up getting into a car accident that resulted in the car crashing into a lake. The waiter was killed and Kendall escaped with minor injuries. Instead of alerting authorities — or anyone for that matter — Kendall simply walked back to the party. If anyone thought that Kendall had some decency left in him, this scene quickly quitted that idea. The scene was inspired by Ted Kennedy’s car crash in 1969 which resulted in the death of the passenger. Like Kendall, Kennedy didn’t initially let anyone know that someone had been killed in the accident.

2. Logan Willing to Sacrifice His Son

Despite all of the issues that the Roys have, it’s obvious that deep down Logan’s children want nothing more than to be loved and respected by him. Unfortunately, though, every time they get close Logan reminds them that he doesn’t see them as anything other than pawns. Kendall learned this the hard way during season two when his father decided to make him the scapegoat for issues within the company. Logan essentially forced Kendall to hold a press conference where he takes responsibility for the business’ problems. Prior to this, it was no secret that Logan didn’t care about anyone other than himself, but it was still a little shocking to see him sacrifice his son.

3. Roman And Gerri Have Phone Sex

Early on in the series, Roman and Gerri seem to have a relationship that is similar to mother and son. However, all of that changes one evening when a phone conversation between the two goes a little too far. Before getting off the phone, Roman makes a comment about pleasuring himself. Instead of hanging up, he goes through with the act while Gerri is still on the other line. Although she initially seems disgusted, Gerri eventually starts playing along. While these two aren’t technically related, there was still something a little incestuous about this moment.

4. The Softball Game

If there’s one thing this scene taught us, it’s that no one is off-limits to the Roy family – not even children. During the episode, the Roys decide to play a family softball game. However, they realize that they are one player short. They decide to ask a young boy to join their team and Roman promises to give him $1 million if he hits a home run. He even goes as far as to write a check that he promises to hand over if the kid can manage a home run. When the boy fails to hit a home run, you can feel the disappointment spread through everyone on the field. To add insult to injury, Roman rips up the check right in the boy’s face.

5. Boar on the Floor

Boar on the Floor is arguably one of the most memorable scenes from Succession, but it’s also one of the most shocking. The game, which was initiated by Logan, is less of a game and more of a public humiliation tactic. Logan asks three of his dinner guests to get down on the floor and make animal noises while the rests of the guests chant “boar on the floor” while throwing sausages. While we’ve already established that Logan can be very disrespectful but this definitely took things to another level. It also showed that he has way more power over people than they’d like to admit.

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