Succession Season 3 : The Comeback of All Comebacks

The wise thing to do when a rare gem makes its way into the small screen is to sit back, relax, and simply bask in its brilliance. Viewers and critics might have already achieved the perfect tan after basking in the past two seasons of Succession. The show’s creators aren’t stopping anytime soon. The upcoming season three is about to fill peoples’ screens with more madness and debauchery, all coupled with an LSS-inducing theme song and solid backdrop of New York City. The highly acclaimed HBO television series is a satirical comedy-drama that revolves around the dysfunctional lives of the Roy family who owns Waystar Royco, one of the largest media conglomerates in the world. The series depicts the family members’ inner struggle for power and control of the company amidst the ongoing health issues of patriarch and founder, Logan Roy.

The Recap

The theme of the show’s first season had tones of uncertainty, as the viewers were just getting acquainted with the characters. Logan’s four children, Connor, Kendall, Roman, and Siobhan are shown to have a façade of unwavering reverence for their overbearing father. This all changes after Logan suffers a stroke. The ulterior motives of each character are slowly revealed, as talks of company succession are brought up. The season unravels and ends with Kendall’s failed attempts to overthrow his recently recovered father and take over his empire.

The second season fully cements the series into one of the best shows of the recent decade. The twists and turns went beyond the boardroom and into each character’s bedrooms. Towards the end of season, the Waystar Royco empire has been plunged in hot water. The conglomerate’s cruise ship line division has been accused of covering up atrocious crimes involving sexual assaults, and even murders. This massive scandal has the Roy family and their company’s top executives scrambling to name a sacrificial lamb who will take on the consequences of the charges.

The season finale reveals Logan’s decision to let Kendall take on the blame and leave Waystar Royco, with the assurance that he will take care of him after. This might already sound like a perfect cliffhanger to end the season with, but a true-blue Succession fan must already know that nothing is really what it seems to be in the world of the Roy’s.

In the last few minutes of the finale, Kendall shows up at a press conference to admit his involvement in the cover ups. As he starts to confess, he suddenly does a 180-degree turn and shifts the blame onto his father, as he produces a set of documents to support his claim. The entire room goes berserk as Kendall rips the original statement that he was supposed to read into pieces. The final shot pans to Logan, who is watching the chaos unfold on television. Instead of an expected outburst, a slight smile starts to form on his lips. The credits start to roll. The unending questions and fan-made theories start rolling in. Talk about an epic season ender to end all other finales!

A Glimpse of Season Three

Alas, the long wait is finally over. After undergoing production delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Roy family is ready for their much-awaited comeback. There has been no formal announcement of an official release date yet, but the new season is expected to make its return sometime within the Fall of 2021. For the meantime, fans will have to do make do with the recently released trailer for season three. It’s almost impossible not to hit on the replay button after the first watch.

The trailer gives viewers a glimpse of various moments to look forward to in season three. Kendall can be seen entering the grounds of Waystar Royco’s headquarters after throwing his father under the bus. Crowd favorite, Cousin Greg can also be seen having one of his typical banters with Tom. One of the new cast members, Sanaa Lathan (The Affair), also makes a brief appearance in the trailer as high-profile lawyer, Lisa Arthur. Other new guest stars and characters to look forward to include Alexander Skarsgård (Big Little Lies) who plays tech founder and CEO, Lukas Matsson, Hope Davis (Your Honor) who recurs her role as Sandi Furness, daughter of Logan’s long-time rival, Sandy Furness, and Adrien Brody (Peaky Blinders) who plays billionaire activist investor, Josh Aaronson.

As the summer sunshine slowly sets, viewers can already start mentally prepping themselves to immerse again into the wealthy, crazy, and cutthroat world of the Roy’s. After all, this might just be Logan Roy’s world, we’re all just living in it.

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