Hollywood Darlings Season Two Is Hilarious: Go Watch It!

Hollywood Darlings season two
Hollywood Darlings season two episode 2, “Til Death Gets Me a Part” is hilarious! More than that, it’s smart and topical.  Forget what you saw in season one.  If Hollywood Darlings season two keeps up this level of excellence it deserves to be an Emmy contender for a comedic series.  This is no longer a reality show following stars around doing amusing things.  It’s on par with my current favorite comedy, NBC’s The Good Place.

The premiere of Hollywood Darlings season two took us back to 1999.  Episode 2 of the season takes aim at the role social media has come to play in the entertainment world.  â€ŽAfter doing what she feels was a killer audition, Christine Lakin is in her agent’s office, convinced she’s gotten the part.  (That opening is golden!) She hasn’t.  Her agent explains that she’s lost it to a YouTuber that hawks a weight-loss tea.

No one gives a (BLEEP) about acting anymore.  They just want followers and influencers, and they want to sell you those sugar hair vitamins.

The solution, says the agent, is to get her more followers. Christine is not happy!

Hollywood Darlings season two, episode 2

“So, I have to start, like, making videos of me
putting on make-up and making avocado toast?”

Every actor in the world knows exactly how she feels!

After her depressing meeting, Christine goes to complain to her pals Jodie Sweetin and Beverley Mitchell.  That’s when the madness really takes off! Jodie tells Christine that the best way to get more followers is to start an online rumor that Christine has died.  Before Christine can blink Jodie does just that! 

Holy Plastic Surgery, Batman!

Meanwhile, Beverley has discovered that her gynecologist has sent her an ad about vaginal reconstructive surgery.  Yes, you read that right. Talk about hitting below the belt in the body image department! (Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.)  This starts an ongoing gag about how many euphemisms can you find for vagina.  Why? Beverley’s uncomfortable with the word!

Beverley’s infuriated that her doctor seems to think that she needs such a surgery.  She leaves Jodie and Christine to go have it out with her doctor.  It does not go well.  Unfortunately for Beverley, everyone in the world has a cell phone and her humiliation goes viral!

The Wrap Up: Hollywood Darlings Season Two Episode 2 Rocks!

Eventually, these issues work themselves out in humorous ways,  but not before more funny mishaps.  In the process, “Till Death Gets Me a Part” offers more commentary on the role social media plays in our world, and laughs at how silly we can all be.  Using the tool of comedy it also notes the ridiculous levels that women are pushed into doing crazy things to be more physically perfect.

You can catch episodes of Hollywood Darlings season two on Wednesdays at 8 pm ET.  It’s on the Pop Network.  The shows are also available for streaming at www.poptv.com with your cable or Hulu Live subscription.  Here’s a sneak peek for Hollywood Darlings season two, episode 3!

Sneak Peek: Hollywood Darlings 2 x 3

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