Five Relationships in Movies That Were Disturbing in Retrospect

What disturbs and upsets one person might not be that bad to another, but there are relationships in movies that are a bit unsettling to a lot of people not because anything happens but because there’s a level of intimacy that a lot of folks don’t believe should be felt between two people who are either a little too far apart in age or simply should be together for various reasons. The disturbing nature of some relationships is easy to see sometimes, especially if one person puts so much into the relationship but isn’t given that same respect or admiration in turn. But the thing about some movies is that the relationships that do get set up and carried out can be a little, well, hard to watch depending on the subject matter and what’s supposed to happen between the two individuals who are put in one situation or another. Like I said above, what bothers one person might not bother another, but a lot of movies are bound to be made in a way that will interest the audience, even if that interest crosses a line or two.

Here are a few movies that in retrospect featured a rather disturbing relationship.

5. Willie and Marty – Beautiful Girls

While nothing happened between these two, the time they spend with each other has kind of unsettled a lot of people since the movie’s release and a lot of folks still see this as the kind of relationship that others would look and cluck their tongues at. In all honesty, there’s nothing there apart from two individuals that know how to talk to each other and enjoy one another’s company, but there’s still enough for people to think that it wasn’t something that really needed to be played up the way it was. One could say that Portman has had a habit throughout the years of being tied to older men in a few of her movies.

4. Elio and Oliver – Call Me By Your Name

The outlook of the audience kind of needs to be taken into consideration for this but the fact is that in some countries this wouldn’t be a big deal, but in America it is, and yet there were people who didn’t care about it, and those that found it repellent. A young boy, a teen admittedly who is almost an adult, falling for a graduate student in his 20s, sounds wrong on a few different levels. It’s not something that folks can always brush off since it’s the kind of relationship that might be seen as worthy of a prison sentence in America if the boy’s parents didn’t approve. But seeing how they did approve at the end, well, it’s still kind of a disturbing thing to see.

3. Bella and Edward – Twilight

It’s not just the humongous age gap, it’s the fact that Edward is a vampire to begin with, and also the fact that the Cullen ‘kids’ would only be able to stick around high school for so long before someone realized that something was up. Then there’s the idea that as the rest of the high school students around them develop from year to year, they stay exactly the same. Oh, and there is that feud between the vampires and werewolves that kind of gets lost in the teenage angst, as well as the fact that if the Cullens turned Bella that the pact might be broken and the Volturi would punish them and that kind of stuff. But hey, next to the teenage drama that’s all kind of unimportant.

2. Kathryn and Sebastian – Cruel Intentions

A stepsister that wants to sleep with her stepbrother and is, at the same time, trying to ruin the life of a young woman who caught the attention of her alcoholic ex-boyfriend is one of the main thrusts of this story. Sebastian is just as bad to be fair since he doesn’t mind ruining the lives of others unless he gets what he wants. But near the end, Sebastian is at least trying to be a better person while Kathryn attempts to sabotage his efforts and get her own way in the process. Yeah, this is one of the most messed-up relationships in the movies, EVER.

1. Harley Quinn and Joker – Suicide Squad

It kind of feels as though this couple wrote the book on dysfunction and then passed it around to see who would imitate them. Even if their relationship didn’t start until well after several others in the movies, there’s no way that this could have been left off the list since the Joker professes to care about Harley, but the way he shows it is beyond anything that many people could understand. The mere fact that he would leave her after driving his car into the river to get away from Batman is an indication that she’s a possession, and not really much else.

Messed-up relationships cause drama, and people pay for it.

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