Five Reasons Modern Family is the Best Comedy on TV

modern family

Whether you watch it or not–and you should be–Modern Family has instantly become the best comedy on TV–as if there were any doubts? Don’t believe us? Why don’t you just take a look at these five reasons and see if there’s any other show on the tube that can knock it off its pedestal as the reigning comedic champion.

5. Phil Dunphy

He may not be the hippest dad around, but Phil knows a thing or two about actually being cool–and, above else, understanding. He’s not afraid to act like a kids (always), and is constantly trying to think of new ways to not only promote himself, but appear he’s just “one of the kids.” The jabs the TV makes at him for even ending up with his too-cool-for-school, Claire, are funny in themselves, proving that sometimes the nerds really do end up with the prom queens.

4. The Concept

It seems simple enough, doesn’t it? Besides the obvious use of the words “modern” and “family”–showing that, with all the things a family can endure these days, one can still stick together–the idea of covering all bases to appeal to a wide audience is just brilliant. From the top down–where Jay Pritchett’s relationship is as bizarre as anyone else’s on the show–any family can seem to relate with the simplicity of the characters.

3.Claire Dunphy and Gloria Pritchett

We’ve already mentioned how Claire was one hip high-schooler, but as a guy, seeing these two together on-screen is like a slice of warm, apple pie–satisfying as hell. Though they had a reported real-life feud some years ago, they’ve seen to overcome them these days to make this show hilarious, showing every guy that yes, there really is a perfect woman out there. If there’s a mom you want to hold together a family, it’s either of these two. If there’s a show you want to be held together, well, it’s these two as well.

2. The Mockumentary Style

As we’ve seen with popular shows like The Office and Parks and Rec, having the characters breakdown what’s going on in an episode works great wonders–and Modern Family followed suit. Instead of just watching a show in which we’re trying to follow a storyline, Modern Family is the grown-up version of Family Guy, tossing in a little quirky scene to grab a laugh or for a situation to be better explained–no matter how random it might be. It’s as if we’re at a coffee table hearing the actors tell us the craziness that happened to them that morning–but relying on the show to give us the visual rather than draw one up in our heads.

1. The Writing

Unless you’re fully engaged in watching one of these episodes, we warn you to just avoid watching until you can appreciate all the one-liners and quick wit–otherwise, you won’t be able to keep up. While we mentioned the concept itself is genius, for a TV show to truly be great, it takes a number of aspects to make it happen, and having multiple references for both young and old to laugh at makes Modern Family what it is.

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