Five Promised TV Show Movies That Will Probably Never Happen

Every time a show ends either early, unsatisfying or both, those behind it usually make big promises, saying they’ll make a movie to sort it all out. These promises are usually pretty empty it turns out, because to get such a project off the ground is INCREDIBLY difficult. Every once in a while it does miraculously happen in the form of Firefly/Serenity or Arrested Development more recently, but generally it’s a no-go. These five shows said they’d conclude with movies, but I doubt that’s going to be the case.


I’m not quite sure why HBO’s Rome needed a movie. The show was killed mostly for budgetary reasons, but it never felt like it was particularly unfinished after a pair of good seasons. And it would be rather confusing to do a period drama like that based on a show that not all that many people have seen.

Odds of happening: 100 to 1


Now this is one where I’d be fully on board. We don’t have enough westerns these days, and Deadwood was a simply fantastic show that ended on a very…odd note. The main problem I see with this is the fact that the show is based on historical events, and therefore it might be tough to come up with a plot pulled from history when many of the stories of the town of Deadwood had already been told.

Odds of happening: 50 to 1


This is the most recent show on this list, and those behind it say that they’re considering a movie to wrap up the Starz show. I’m sure Kelsey Grammar would be onboard, but I don’t see this as the kind of cult show that would actually make a movie adaptation be a box office draw.

Odds of happening: 30 to 1


Entourage lasted for eight (nine?) seasons, but they were talking about a feature film adaptation for years. With how crappily the show ended, I can see how they might want to fix that by redeeming their characters, but I have feeling there wouldn’t be enough interest anymore.

Odds of happening: 10 to 1


This was maddening at the time 24 ended. They sacrificed a satisfying ending for the show at the expense of a promised movie. Though out of all of these, it’s probably the most likely to happen and have an audience, there have not been too many concrete steps forward yet in terms of production, so I remain skeptical. I did the same thing for Arrested Development when they said “it’s coming, it’s coming,” but turns out they were telling the truth. Maybe 24 is as well.

Odds of happening: 3 to 1


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