Five Predictions We’re Making for The Orville Season 3

After taking some flak and a bit of heat for claiming that The Orville wouldn’t be around for a season 3 it’s evident that the people making the decisions were of a different mind and have given the green light for another go. So far the show has attracted a lot of people that will gladly defend it without much more than the need to speak up for a show that’s fast becoming one of the favorite programs of many on TV these days. But with that being said there are a few reasons why they’re completely validated in doing so and it becomes fairly easy to make some predictions for the upcoming season 3 that might actually placate a lot of people that are still smarting from feeling the need to defend the show. If nothing else The Orville has proven some folks wrong when it was deduced that it would be here and gone within a season.

Here are just a few predictions about the upcoming season that might make people nod in agreement.

5. The show is going to keep taking on a more serious demeanor.

It will undoubtedly keep a humorous angle to it but as of now it would seem that Seth MacFarlane is at least trying to make this into a drama that can hold its own and rely on a serious and well-crafted story rather than just cheap jokes and one-liners that stem from his Family Guy days. The comedy doesn’t need to go since it keeps things light and varied at times when it’s necessary or when it’s just a lot of fun to do so. But by creating something that can be serious and amusing at the same time the show gains a little more credibility and becomes less like Family Guy in space than an actual science fiction program that people want to watch.

4. There will be a shift that creates a more unique show.

So far a lot of people have been calling the show a Star Trek ripoff and no one has really said anything to dispute this other than the fact that it’s supposed to be satire, not a blatant ripoff. But following on the heels of that is the idea that the show is experiencing a shift as time goes on that is making it into its own entity and less like a satire or a ripoff of another show. In this manner it’s slowly becoming something that is obviously based on something else but isn’t really going for the same feel any longer. It’s going to be a gradual change but it’s still in the process of being pushed through it would seem.

3. More and more people are going to be drawn to the program.

There have been a lot of detractors that have kept their distance from this show largely because they either got tired of Seth or simply didn’t think it had a lot of merit. When a show sticks around for a couple of seasons though and doesn’t show any real signs of fading out then it becomes evident that it might actually be worth something. In this light a lot of people have been curious to see just what fans like about the show and some of them have even managed to convert. It seems likely that if the third season goes just as well that it could keep happening.

2. The Orville will continue to be an award-winning show.

There’s no doubt that when compared to other shows that it might not be quite the most epic program in the world, but it has impressed a lot of people and if history teaches us anything there’s only one of two directions that a show can take that will force people to keep noticing it. This upward progress that is needed, and should be able to continue with The Orville, should be more than enough to garner a few more awards as time goes on.

1. There will be a season four.

A lot of fans will no doubt want to hear and agree with this since it would mean that their show is going to live on and on. This is a bold prediction however since there’s no telling how season 3 is going to turn out just yet and there’s no way to tell if people are going to feel the same about the show as they did when defending it in season 1 and 2. But it seems reasonable to say that season 4 should be feasible since at this point it feels as though fans would likely campaign to keep the show around if they had to and would possibly win. If nothing else they would likely continue to campaign largely because they don’t want to be proven wrong. But then again, the show could just keep getting better.

Some of these might turn out to be accurate.

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