Five Potential Surprises Lurking In ‘The Curse Of Oak Island’ Season Finale

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the current ‘Curse Of Oak Island’ season has been full of immense drama and suspense putting every fan at the edge of their seat. Many different clues and bits of discovery have created a story that are allowing many to create various speculations of how the season finale will turn out this spring. In this article, we are going to look into five potential surprises and predictions for what is to come during the season finale of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’, and how it could affect the story line as well. With that said, let’s get started.

The Possibility Of A True Templar Connection

With the recent discovery of both fragmented human bones along with a leather bit of book binding in recent episodes, it has come about that there may indeed be connections to the Knights Templar. This would be a major event for those who tune into the show, as for many seasons, archaeologists have turned up nothing of such significance.

Samuel Ball Theme

For the fans that pay close attention, there have been many facts and findings that all lead back to the theme of Samuel Ball, who was a black slave who supposedly became one of the richest men in Nova Scotia. This theory includes the idea that Ball may have potentially found a treasure on Oak Island, helping to better his life as well as generations to come, allegedly.

Potential To Ruin Other Important Information

With the continued search H-8 borehole where they have been searching previously, there is concern that they may damage important information and potential findings that could help to prove the one of the many theories that are on the table. However, as stated by Rick Lagina, this is the price that archaeologists have to pay every now and then for continued search.

They End Up Finding Nothing Else

This, of course, is the one prediction that many fans believe will become the case as the season finale makes it debut. For many seasons previously, there have been searches that come and go to uncover no further information, and only creating more questions for fans and audiences alike. There is always the possibility that there will be no more answers regarding the Templar connection or Ball, and fans may just have to deal.

The Digging At H-8

As we mentioned before, many fans believe that the crew will make the move to drill down deeper into the H-8 borehole to see if any more connections and evidential artifact can be found to help answer some questions. Many are speculating this move as this was the same region where the bone fragments, book binding bits, and china were found during the season as well.

Although these are mere speculations in terms of ‘The Curse of Oak Island’ and what fans can expect, it is getting audiences all amped up to see what is to come as the season continues on to the spring. Only time will tell as to what will be discovered in the season finale, and the wait is definitely killing us.

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