Five Possible Spinoff Ideas from “Supernatural”

So far, the people behind Supernatural have made multiple efforts to get a Supernatural spinoff off of the ground. Unfortunately, none of those efforts have succeeded, not least because it is the actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles who serve as the core of the series’s appeal. As a result, the chances of us ever seeing a Supernatural spinoff are ever lower than before, though the people behind the series have stated that they remain open to such possibilities so long as the idea is good enough to get traction. Here are some Supernatural spinoff ideas that could be fun:

John Winchester Prequel

If the idea is to tap into the viewers’ existing emotional investment in Sam and Dean Winchester, the natural option for a spinoff would be a prequel centered on their father John Winchester. With that said, this would be a spinoff with a lot of risk built into it. Certainly, there have been younger actors who have been great at playing younger characters, but getting two of them who can replicate the dynamics of a younger Sam and Dam seems like a serious casting challenge to say the least.

Bobby and Rufus Prequel

Another prequel idea would be one centered on Bobby and Rufus in their more active hunting days. This leave open the possibility for younger Sam and Dean to show up, but since their appearances could be much more intermittent in nature, the casting challenge would presumably be lessened to some extent. Unfortunately, a Bobby prequel has its own issues. On the one hand, there is already some emotional investment in the character’s well-being from Supernatural viewers. On the other hand, it is possible that he might be seen as being too associated with the Winchester brothers, meaning that a series centered on him wouldn’t work because the viewers might find the sight of him on his own to be too weird to watch comfortably.


Rowena might be an option to build a spinoff around. In part, this is because she is a pretty complicated character who strikes an interesting balance between powerful but obnoxious but possesses critical weaknesses in her character because of that obnoxiousness. On top of this, Rowena isn’t a static character, as shown by how her appearances on Supernatural have resulted in some serious changes in who she is as a person. Perhaps most conveniently, Rowena is so long-lived that it would be perfectly possible to tell a wide range of stories by setting them in different parts of her life, thus making the core concept more flexible than it sounds.

Men of Letters

Secret conspiracies that stand between humanity and the supernatural are one of the more entertaining concepts from fantasy series set in modern times. As a result, it would be a real shame to pass up on the opportunities offered by the Men of Letters. In part, this is because the Men of Letter know much more about the Supernatural setting than standard hunters, meaning that a series centered upon them could serve to expand the setting by significant margins. However, it should also be noted that an organization would inevitably have very different interactions from hunters, meaning that a spinoff centered upon the Men of Letters could make for something familiar but still capable of standing on its own. With that said, while the British Men of Letters might not seem like the best protagonists, there are still plenty of options such as setting a spinoff in different times, focusing on different branches, and perhaps even looking into similar organizations in other countries. After all, if such an organization managed to get off of the ground in Britain, who is to say that there aren’t similar organizations in other countries that might have their own ways of doing things?

Banes Siblings

Complicated sibling dynamics are a big part of Supernatural‘s winning formula. As a result, a spinoff focused on the Banes siblings could be a way of tapping into it while turning into a copycat in the process. Theoretically, such a spinoff could focus on Max Banes’s adventures after the twig doll inevitably goes wrong. However, the richer storytelling would come from a sibling relationship that is complicated by Max’s worries over whether he actually did the right thing or not as well as Alicia’s reactions to those worries.

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