Five Possible Plot Lines for Curse of Oak Island Season 7

Five Possible Plot Lines for Curse of Oak Island Season 7

Reality shows create a lot of buzz because a lot of people tend to think that they’re watching unadulterated truth when they’re tuning in and unfortunately what they’re watching is something that’s been filmed and edited so that it can pass by the censors and give the maximum amount of entertainment to the audience. The Curse of Oak Island is easy to research and read about and even believe in a lot of ways since history tells us that people did a lot of strange things when it came to hiding their valuables and whatnot. But the idea of those same valuables being hidden on an island that everyone knows about at this point is kind of ridiculous in a way since the island is only so big and despite the heavy cost of getting the needed materials and machinery to the island, and the cost of digging and plotting and digging some more, something has to give way eventually in terms of belief. In a big way the treasure concealed in the fabled Money Pit might not even be what the treasure hunters are expecting, as it could have been looted long ago without anyone ever knowing. Or nature could have reclaimed a great deal of it since obviously the Money Pit is somewhere below ground, where it doesn’t seem as though it would be anywhere near secure. There are a few plot lines for season 7 that might work, and a few things to pay attention to as Gina Carbone from CinemaBlend would tell you, but as far as this being the season that something monumental happens, well, cross your fingers but don’t hold your breath.

Here are just a few plot lines that might be worth looking for.

5. The crew find something but it’s essentially useless.

Even if there is anything in the fabled Money Pit, which is more legend than reality at this point, there’s no telling just what condition it might be in since time and the elements will have taken their toll. Oak Island is full of sinkholes as it’s been noted, and the pit has apparently been dug up and filled more than once since it gained notice back in the 18th century. To think that the few trinkets they’ve found are indicative of anything at this point is kind of hard to believe since a massive treasure trove would either have been eroded unless the creators of the pit knew how to create, transport, and keep the secret of a massive metal vault so long ago. If they do find something it’s likely to have been dropped on the island by other visitors at some point in time.

4. What the crew is looking for isn’t what they find.

They could very well find a pit that looks as though it might have been dug up and filled in again but until something of note is finally discovered there’s really no telling just what lies under the surface. So far a lot of people are convinced that there is a passage leading down, and that might well be since islands such as Oak Island were at one time known to be used as caches for various smugglers and pirates that had to hide their contraband so that it wouldn’t be confiscated. Now it’s not certain as to whether Oak Island was ever host to such a thing, but a passage leading downward into the earth almost seems to indicate that such a thing might have happened. But what’s down there could be completely different.

3. A breakthrough followed by a setback.

This almost goes without saying since it might be that they find the Money Pit and a way leading into it, only to have their equipment break down or realize that nature has reclaimed a great deal of what they thought might be in there. This seems to be a popular theory among the naysayers that will actually admit that something could be down there. After being buried for so long it does seem that if something remains that it would be kind of useless. But if their equipment breaks down, as can happen, there’s nothing for it anyway.

2. An homage to Dan Blankenship.

Considering how much time Dan spent on this matter and that he’s been brought up quite often in the history of the show, as he was one of those that people enjoyed, it’s only fair that he’s going to be mentioned more than a few times. Expecting his name to come up is something that’s pretty obvious.

1. The legend about another victim will be brought up.

You know this comes up at least once or twice every season and it will come up again since people love to hear about legends, especially if they’re dire and come with a curse attached. But whether or not anything’s going to come of it we won’t know since the cause of death, if it happened, would be ruled as accidental and rooted more in reality than in some long-forgotten curse.

Plenty of people are still going to watch it, but hopefully with a lot of questions on their minds.

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