Five Old Kids Shows That Will Be Movies Soon Enough

I’m going to go ahead and use my crystal ball here to predict a few of Hollywood’s next moves. It’s no secret they’re running out of ideas for films, and I have a hunch they’re going to scoop up a few classic kids shows for film fodder in the next few years.

These are five that I think they’ll go to. I’m not saying that all, or any, of these are a good idea, but they do seem ripe for at least an attempt at a big screen revamp. Maybe one of these could be OK? Maybe not.

Check out the list below

Power Rangers

I’m actually quite perplexed as to why no one is going full steam ahead on a Power Rangers movie yet. It was an integral part of many of our childhoods, and it spawned a league of imitators who never quite matched it. Sure, it’s super goofy in retrospect, but a film version could either be A) hyper campy and goofy or B) a harder-edged version that was a sci-fi based reboot that loses much of the comedy. If Transofrmers can become a movie, I have to imagine Power Rangers won’t last the decade before coming to the big screen itself.

Jonny Quest

Hollywood is always looking for the next big family friendly adventure movie, and Jonny Quest just might be it. There were rumors about a Quest film starring Zac Efron, but that was years ago now, and the project seems to have been shelved. But if it ever does come out? I can foresee it being similar to say, National Treasure or something. A PG adventure tale with a teen heartthrob as the lead. I personally would model it after the far more badass “Real Adventures” series, but that’s just personal preference. Also, it has Jesse, a girl. You kind of need one.


The closest we’ve come to a live action Thundercats movie is this now famous fan-made trailer that was far better than it had any business being. But with that said, I do think they’ll get around to a film eventually. As is true with all of these, if we loved it as kids, it’s at least worth a gamble to see if we’ll love it as adults. Is there a way to make it not ridiculous? That remains to be seen, but I have a hunch they’re at least going to try to make a go of it sometime soon.

Masters of the Universe

Before you jump in here with all your old school movie knowledge, YES I know that Dolph Lundgren already starred in a Masters of the Universe film way back when. And it was amazing in and amazingly terrible way. But that has never stopped Hollywood from doing remakes, reboots or re-imaginings before. He-Man, She-Ra and Skeletor are all iconic figures that live in a universe just begging to make use of our newfound obsession with CGI. This will come, I promise you.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Hah, I wanted to go a little bit crazy for this last pick here. Would they really make a movie based on a Nickelodeon game show? Abso-freaking-lutely. Have you seen Hollywood these days? They spent $200M on A BATTLESHIP MOVIE. I can imagine them taking Legends of the Hidden Temple and making it into some sort of adventure movie filled with kids trying to steal an ancient inca treasure with the help of talking forest creatures like the purple parrot, silver snake and red jaguar. And then they could do a crossover with Guts and make them climb the Aggro-crag at the end.

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