Five Movies You’ll Love if Your’e From San Diego

San Diego has been given the distinction of being the birthplace of California. Located where it is and possessing a culture all its own the city is a wonderful place to visit. The city is steeped in its own sense of history and has a very diverse population that makes it a prime spot for Hollywood to step in from time to time. Whether people watch the movies that are made near or around this city is unknown but given that so many people call this place home there’s a better than average chance that a large number of them make it out to the movies now and again in order to find out just what’s playing. If so then it’s likely that they enjoy seeing their city used or in some way represented in film. After all not every city or town gets a turn on the big screen, so it’s special to see a place that you know and associate with getting the Hollywood treatment.

All you can hope for then is that the movie makes a good show of it.

5. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

This film hearkens back to a time and point when men were the only people assigned to report on the news, while women were assistants or behind the scenes. The comedy begins when the station’s first woman is assigned to the position of anchor, something the guys just can’t believe and refuse to stand behind until the very end of the film, when their minds have finally been changed.

4. Demolition Man

Let’s hope the future never becomes the pansified version we see in this movie or it’ll take just one criminal with an idea of how to exploit the de-clawed police force that results. Our current system might not be perfect but at the very least putting people on ice is both cruel and unusual as well as highly inefficient. Plus, if just one bad guy is loosed upon a world like this there’s not a lot of chance that they’ll be stopped that easily.

3. Hot Shots!

This hilarious parody of Top Gun is an instant classic since it spoofs the movie so hard that people couldn’t help but love it. Back in the day when Charlie Sheen had yet to go fully cuckoo he was as funny as they came and could make a movie that people would genuinely like. I kind of wonder if they would ever consider doing a reboot of this one, but I also hope they don’t.

2. Paranormal Activity

This literally scared people so badly that they were jumping out of their seat. I couldn’t help but be skeptical since so many scary movies have come out before this that just being scared by something like the sheets rising or something biting someone while they were sleeping didn’t look that hard to watch without cringing. It’s still a mystery really, but maybe that’s because I’m into scary movies.

1. My Blue Heaven

This has to be one of Steve Martin’s best but it’s been overlooked for so long that a lot of people have forgotten it. As a gangster in the witness protection program he’s funnier than he’s been in a lot of films, and that’s saying something.

San Diego has the movies, and a lot of them are worth watching.

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