Five Movies That Truly Capture the Culture of the City of Seattle

Five Movies That Truly Capture the Culture of the City of Seattle

Seattle is an interesting place. It’s been known as the Emerald City for so long that many people have forgotten jut how it acquired this nickname. The moniker is taken from the fact that Seattle is surrounded by greenery throughout the year. If you wonder how that’s possible you might not be from the Pacific Northwest, where rain is plentiful and the people are a little different because of it. In all seriousness though Seattle is a great place and is showcased in several movies in a way that tends to show off its beauty and its complexity.

5. Singles

Being single is tough when all you want is someone in your life to be with. It’s even more confusing when you don’t know what it is you really want but you know that you want something. The single life is kind hard to fully explain if you’ve been away from it for long enough, you just tend to remember that it was something you were glad to leave behind.

4. Sleepless in Seattle

It doesn’t happen as often as you would think in real life but a connection between two individuals is something that most people are dying to have and just can’t seem to get for a number of different reasons. And when the connection finally comes a lot of people don’t even recognize it for what it was, until that special someone is staring them right in the face.

3. 10 Things I Hate About You

High school is such a wonderful time, said no teenager ever. In terms of high school and finding love there is a huge disconnect with many young people even if they happen to think they’ve got it all figured out. What you hate about a person in high school might become something you absolutely love about them later on, which could mean from one day to the next really.

2. Battle in Seattle

This movie is based upon a very real event that took place in 1999 when protesters attempted to stop the WTO Ministerial Conference from going forward. Despite the fact that many protesters were attempting make their point peacefully there were those individuals that had to incite a riot and make it an all out street fight between the protesters and the police.

1. The Ring

Welcome to horror movie 101. If a mysterious tape that has no label, no point of origin, and no earthly business being on your shelf happens to show up, what should you do? Watch it of course and unleash the unholy evil that is bound within it. That’s what you do in a horror movie instead of just throwing the thing away on the premise that it might not be worth the trouble.

Seattle has been seen as one of the greatest cities in the northwest and is one of the more interesting places to visit. The iconic Space Needle that’s stood for so long was at one point the tallest building west of the Mississippi. Even though it’s lost that distinction it’s still one part of the city that you’ll almost always find in films.

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