Five Movies That Had No Business Being That Successful

There are movies that people tend to look at and think will end up blowing up in a massive way, and then there are movies you can’t help but look at and think that as interesting as they look, they might not be all that successful at the box office. That’s why it’s such a huge surprise when said movies turn out to be such great success stories as they soar well past their budget and become such huge success stories that it’s hard to fathom why. Looking back at some movies it’s easy to see where one might have miscalculated in thinking that the movie might not have done anything significant, but with others, it’s still a question of how in the world anything came from the movie that makes a person wonder just what people are thinking about when they contribute to the overall success of the movie. With some movies, it’s actually necessary to look at the downsides of them since there are those that people enjoyed that still boggle the mind when it comes to figuring out how they made their budget, let alone became such big hits that people ended up pushing in such a big way.

Here are a few movies that shouldn’t have been so successful but still were somehow.

5. Napoleon Dynamite

Seriously, it’s a movie about high school and a single individual that’s about as boring as it could possibly get since his expression never changes, his interests are about as mundane as the individual, and those around him are just as dull in their own ways. This is a good example to use when making the statement that people will pay for just about anything so long as it has something they enjoy since there are likely several reasons why this movie became famous, but a lot of them still feel as though they have a lot to do with the idea of the simple idea of ‘why not?’.

4. Paranormal Activity

The budget for this ‘found footage’ movie had to be so low that it would have been possible for a high school film club to find the funds. Plus, the whole idea that it was one of the scariest movies to ever come out is laughable since the chills and scares are based on the type of tension that really has to be pushed and is more or less force-fed to the audience in a way that leaves some people thinking ‘is that it?’. Even as the movies continued it was still hard to really get into them since the found footage idea has been getting more and more overused as the years have gone by. On top of that, the witch element kind of ticked off a lot of people involved in Wicca.

3. Home Alone

It’s hard to argue with this one really since it appealed to so many kids and adults weren’t so bent out of shape by it that it’s not hard to see why it made money, apart from the fact that it didn’t really feel as though it was going to be anything other than another cheesy kid’s movie. But somehow between Kevin McAllister being an early version of Jigsaw and Joe Pesci having to curb that famously foul tongue it turned out to be something that people found to be one of the better movies of its time. As of now, it’s considered a holiday classic that a lot of people end up watching every Christmas, and in some cases will watch throughout the year since it’s that funny.

2. 21 Jump Street

Brainless comedy has to be a big reason why this movie became so popular since 22 Jump Street continued the trend in a big way without getting any more intelligent along the way. There are those that think Jonah Hill is hilarious and those that think he’s okay when he has someone with him for backup, but the fact is that this movie was kind of a disappointment to a lot of people, but was popular enough that it pulled in a pretty big payday that allowed it to have a sequel. If it goes ahead with another movie though it’s fair to say that the only reason it will make money is that people want to see how it turns out.

1. Lucy

The hype for this movie was one of the best things about it, even if there were a few moments that were very interesting. But the whole process of Lucy traveling through time and coming to realize that time was the only important thing in the world was confusing to a lot of people. Plus, the whole idea of only being able to use a certain percentage of our brain has never really sat well with a lot of people.

Somehow movies that shouldn’t make much end up making a good chunk of money, it’s mystifying as well as frustrating at times.

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