Five Movies Where Nicolas Cage is the Most Funny

Five Movies Where Nicolas Cage is the Most Funny

Nicolas Cage is pretty funny at times and it seems as though he barely has to try when he’s in the right mood or in the right movie. There have been some rumors that say he’s kind of hard to work with sometimes but these scenes make it hard to believe that since they come off as so comical. Not every movie he’s in is as open to comedy as some are, but there are almost always moments in which the humor can be found without really trying since it’s the type of situation that it’s simply called for.

It helps ease the tension at times and give the audience a much-needed chuckle.

5. The Rock

The Rock isn’t a comedy but starring next to Sean Connery a guy has got to be able to hold his own and for Nicolas Cage that tends to mean being somewhat funny at times even if it comes off as completely sarcastic. After all, Connery is kind of old school and in order to really match up you’ve got to come out with something that he might not expect or might just have to roll with given the situation.

4. Peggy Sue Got Married

Sex in movies isn’t always as hot and steamy as it might seem since sometimes the occasion calls for a bit of comedy that you just can’t help but laugh at, which kind of kills the mood sometimes. But really and truly this scene is hilarious since she decided to say that they should wait earlier on and now he’s all for it since he’s about as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

3. Gone in 60 Seconds

It’s not exactly funny when a bunch of guys are chasing you with the intent of killing you, but getting some payback on them is pretty satisfying. All it took was occupying the driver of the big rig in the parking lot long enough so that Kip could make the necessary hook up and then they just stood back and watched stuff happen. Wouldn’t it put a smile on your face to know that your enemy just punched their own ticket to jail?

2. The Croods

Grug is not a subtle caveman, and in fact he probably doesn’t even know the meaning of the word. He relies on his strength, his ferocity, and his ability to scare away anything that might be dangerous to his family. Unfortunately he walked into the wrong jungle if he’s going to try and scare a bunch of monkeys that have likely seen a lot worse than him come along.

1. National Treasure 2

This has to be one of the funniest fake arguments in movie history and a lot of people probably don’t remember it since the movie it’s in wasn’t all that memorable. But it was great because out of nowhere Cage just starts shouting and having it out with his ex to provide the kind of distraction that’s needed to move on to the next task. Haggis!

Yes, he can be a very funny guy.

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