Five More Awesome Emergency Room Scenes from Movies

Using a loose definition, pretty much any room can be an emergency room if the need is pressing and it’s the only room around. But in a hospital, this is even more evident since this is the place where emergency patients are typically taken to be cared for and saved if possible. But in the movies, it’s never quite that simple since some emergencies are either pre-empted or turn out to be lost causes, while some might give way to new beginnings under hilarious or seriously dramatic circumstances. Whatever the case is, in real life the emergency room is where a person comes when they’re in a world of hurt or when they need medical care that they can’t get at home. In the movies, a trip to the emergency room can be anything from comedic to dramatic to the perfect setting for an action scene that’s used to continue or send the movie in a direction that will play into the overall narrative and create even more investment on the part of the audience, who already know that the emergency room isn’t typically a place that people go to for a fun time.

Here are five more awesome emergency room scenes from the movies.

5. Faster

This is the kind of over-the-top scene that a lot of hospitals might want to think can never happen since a guy walking into an operating room and drawing a gun would likely cause mass panic. But for the sake of the story, Dwayne Johnson’s character had payback on his mind throughout most of the movie as he went about tracking down the former informants/crooks that not only robbed his old crew of the money they’d already robbed but killed his brother in the process. That was more than enough to send this man on a trail of vengeance that saw him kill off several people, including a man that he’d already stabbed and sent to the emergency room.

4. Coneheads

When a woman is about to give birth, EVERYTHING becomes a part of the emergency since getting her to the hospital is one of the most important parts. What comes after for an average woman is stressful, but not THIS stressful. When a Conehead is giving birth it’s the kind of thing that one probably can’t unsee if they’re there to witness the birthing process. One has to wonder how in the world this woman held so much liquid in her body, as a flood came pouring out when her water broke. Then think of poor Beldar and what he had to go through to stay by his wife’s side. And if that’s not enough, think of what she’s going through in the first place.

3. Doctor Strange

Keeping the man you care about alive is stressful enough when you haven’t seen him in so long, but imagine what this doctor is going through as she’s trying to keep Strange alive while he’s doing battle in the astral plane. The first thing to get knocked over or pushed to the side for no discernible reason that could be seen might send a lot of doctors running out of the room. To her credit though, this doctor sticks around and doesn’t faint when Strange pokes his head into the material plane to give her a few instructions before he has to go and fend off one of his enemies. The fact that the defibrillator helped him win was pretty cool.

2. Smokin’ Aces

Let’s put it this way, Agent Messner had been through it by the time this scene came around, and he was tired, angry, in pain, and already mourning the death of his friend and fellow agent. Getting berated by his director and told that everything and everyone that had been lost was to bring back a former agent that had turned into his alter ego was just as he said, empty pockets. The FBI essentially made it known that their agents were little more than numbers to be filed away and picked up again when they were necessary once more, and Messner had had enough of it. In fact, in an alternate ending, he actually pulls out his gun and kills both men before the credits roll.

1. The Crow

Quite a few people talk a big game about being able to take a certain amount of pain and not caring too much about it, but pain accumulated over time is something that wears at the body and the spirit, as far too many people know. That’s why this scene is a lot more memorable than it’s been given credit for, since seeing Shelly in the emergency room and realizing that Eric was transferring the pain he’d absorbed to Top Dollar ALL AT ONCE carries a lot more significance. Think about it, over a day’s worth of nothing but pain, agony, and the most intense psychological trauma to go with it, all in a matter of seconds. If you’re not shuddering at the thought then you really don’t get it.

Emergency room scenes are usually pretty intense, but that last one, whoa.

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