Five Marvel Characters John Krasinski Would be a Fit For

Five Marvel Characters John Krasinski Would be a Fit For

Five Marvel Characters John Krasinski Would be a Fit For

There’s been a buzz about John Krasinski playing an MCU character for a while now and it was seen that many writers actually contributed to the idea that he’d missed out on being Captain America at one point, though it’s likely that Chris Evans was the best pick overall. Krasinski definitely has the build and the type of malleable attitude that would allow him to play a decent hero or at least someone with heroic tendencies and a dark past he was trying to forget. There’s a lot of great qualities he brings to the screen and it’s very likely that he could take up the role of one hero or another, it would take some work to see him as the villain no matter how he pranked Dwight on The Office, and it’s very possible that he could bring another needed bit of experience to the Marvel universe if he was to be brought on at one point or another. The only question would be just who would he be playing and at what point would he be brought into the fold.

Here are a few Marvel characters that John could possibly play.

5. Adam Warlock

This one feels like kind of an outlier since comic fans know just about all there is to know about Adam Warlock despite how things have changed over the years. As a cosmic being he’s one of the most powerful in the universe, at least from a certain level, and has a long history with several of the characters that have already shown up in the MCU, such as Gamora, Drax, and even Thanos. The thing about playing Warlock though is that if he is introduced, and the MCU would be wise to bring him in, it might not be until after the third Guardians of the Galaxy movie, or even during it, which means we wouldn’t see this character for a while.

4. U.S. Agent

It’s kind of funny to mention this character since he’s almost a copy of Captain America, but a lot more violent and with a temperament that’s nothing like Cap. U.S. Agent is basically a kind of Captain America that is just way too aggressive and tends to fight rather than think things through. He’s even come to blows with Hawkeye in the past and despite being a part of the West Coast Avengers it was kind of tough, as a fan, to see him show up time and time again since he was written in as kind of a jerk. Seeing Krasinski play a character like this is definitely possible but it might not be what fans want.

3. Nova

For a part of his history in the comics Nova was really downplayed since his time in The New Warriors didn’t really get to the heart of how awesome his powers really are or how important of a character he turned out to be. He was just another young hero at one point and while he’s fought alongside some of the greats, and even took part in the Infinity Gauntlet series, getting him off the ground in the MCU has been a real struggle. Maybe Krasinski could help out by tackling the character and giving him the necessary attitude and overall character arc that he really needs to get moving.

2. Moon Knight

Moon Knight has been likened to Marvel’s version of Batman, but then so has Iron Man so that kind of destroys that idea. Moon Knight is a little more like the dark knight however as he’s independently wealthy, is a highly-skilled fighter, and has gadgets aplenty that he uses in battle. He’s also highly troubled in a mental way like Batman, but to an even greater degree since he tends to suffer from multiple personalities that he created for himself. As the character did start out as a mercenary he’s understandably tough, but there are times when his mental stability just isn’t what it should be.

1. Mr. Fantastic

A lot of people look at Reed Richards as a non-combatant a lot of times and it’s true, he doesn’t really get in there and bang like his teammates do since he prefers to use his intellect to solve a problem first. And to be fair this is what Reed does best since if a person leaves him alone in a room with enough materials to do something with there’s a good chance he’ll find a way to beat the bad guy and do it in the most simplistic or grandiose fashion possible. He’s a character that’s capable of fighting and has his own powers, but at the same time he’s just as dangerous when he can put his intelligence and engineering skills to use.

It might just be time for John Krasinski to join the MCU. Hopefully he’ll get assigned to the right character for his talents.

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