Imagining Predator and Alien Joining the MCU

Imagining Predator and Alien Joining the MCU

Imagining Predator and Alien Joining the MCU

Well, we’ve seen Predator and Alien come to the DC comics, so thinking about them coming to the MCU should be kind of interesting since there are plenty of heroes on the roster that could possibly go up against the xenomorphs and the predators. At one point Batman had his hands full with one predator, but of course he eventually prevailed because….he’s Batman. Is anyone else getting a bit tired of hearing that overused explanation? Granted, Batman somehow survived long enough to find a way to plan for predator because the feeling was the he had to win, but in coming to the MCU it feels fair to say that a lot of the heroes and villains might be taken unawares if they’re pitted against either creature right off the bat. But given how big the universe is in the MCU it’s fair to say that this wouldn’t be too hard to believe that they could fit in just fine and become another facet of Marvel that would fit in with just about everything. It might be that they’d have to face off against a few cosmic-bound foes at first, but a xenomorph infestation in the MCU would be something to see without any doubt since it could be another mounting problem that the Marvel universe might have to face at one point, especially since not only are the creatures hard to kill without causing massive collateral damage, but they’re so adaptable that they tend to appear just about anywhere, and this is partially because of the yautja, aka predators.

Remember, the predators hunt the xenomorphs as a rite of passage and are partially responsible for their spread, though if the movies have told us anything, apart from the fact that a good predator movie has yet to really match the original, it’s that the yautja do try to cover their tracks by destroying everything so that the xenomorphs don’t tend to spread too far. It’s interesting to think about who they could take on and who might just mop the floor with them, especially since the predators don’t fight that fair and usually only target those with weapons, or those that appear to be a decent challenge. The xenomorphs just don’t care really since they’ll simply take over and seek to protect and continue to expand their hive once they’ve established a queen and a nesting chamber. Otherwise they’re very cunning beasts that will do their best to survive and insure that no one else does. Both creatures are absolutely vicious, strong in ways that a lot of normal humans can’t really deal with, and inherently deadly with or without enhancements. To be fair, if Batman had been anyone else he would have been dead in a heartbeat, but even in a one on one fight with a predator Bruce should have been a trophy in the creature’s ship, but thankfully the writer’s weren’t bound to let that happen.

Marvel has already seen one of its most popular characters pitted against the predator as the online site Machima has thrown the creature against Wolverine to see how things would turn out, and the initial victory belonged to Wolverine before an alternate ending was drawn up for fun. But this does kind of indicate that people think that the predators and the xenomorphs might be decent opponents for the MCU and worthy additions. It does kind of feel that fans might rebel in a way if the next big war was to be fought against an enemy that hasn’t had a long track record with Marvel, but it would make for an interesting story all the same so long as it worked into the canon in a way that made sense. The only reason that the xenomorphs wouldn’t make as much sense at this point is largely due to the fact that when they were first discovered it was set a ways into the future, roughly around 2079. But then with AVP we saw that the predators were harvesting them for hunting long before that since the year that AVP was set in was 2004. Some might call that a serious continuity issue that might need to be addressed, but given the idea of a government cover-up on a large scale it could still work since apparently the predators have been using the xenomorphs for a very long time, since around the time of the Aztecs if not long before, since they were regarded as gods.

It’s a very big and complicated back story, but it’s also one that could be used to permeate the MCU in a way that would make for a great story if it was integrated in a way that people could understand and get behind. Given that both of these creatures have been a big secret within the galaxy it’s not too hard to think that they could be one of the biggest revelations.

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