Five Life Lessons Fear the Walking Dead Teaches Us

Five Life Lessons Fear the Walking Dead Teaches Us


In as much as “Fear the Walking Dead” sends goosebumps up our spine, it also offers us lots of valuable life lessons that we can apply in our daily lives. The series is a spinoff of the legendary “Walking Dead” which shows the events of a dreadful zombie apocalypse in the west coast of America. Likewise, according to IMDB, “Fear the Walking Dead” explores the life of a fractured family in the event of a zombie apocalypse. The escapades of the family in the haunted environment have critical lessons that can be useful in our lives as revealed in websites: Geek Girl Authority, and Uproxx .

1. How to handle fear

Fear is the order of the day, in “Fear the Walking Dead.” Life is no longer the same as the family of guidance counselor Madison Clark, and Travis Manawa once knew it. The family had always been dysfunctional, but in light of the new events, things have become nightmarishly fearsome. Life is all about survival; they are always afraid that each day, a member of the family will catch the zombie infection. As such, they have to set their differences aside, learn new skills, and adapt to the new world of the dead. The family does not give in to fear but forges a strong bond of unity with the hope of surviving the zombie apocalypse. They also have to stand firm and united in the face of cropping human survival gangs such as the Frat Gang that has no regard for humanity.

2. Good leadership

Good leadership is another great life lesson we can learn from “Fear the Walking Dead.” From the onset of the zombie apocalypse, we have witnessed good leadership in different characters. Travis tries, by all means, to keep his family safe and is willing to take drastic measures to guarantee their survival. The current situation has borne a survival killing instinct in the surviving humans who have become a danger even to themselves. People have no problem killing each other if what stands between them and survival is up for context. Food and other necessities are hard to come by hence the little that is available calls for homicidal competition. In the event of such situations, Travis’s good leadership comes in handy. He has killed and maimed to keep his family alive. He finally died fighting the walking dead to keep his family alive.

Furthermore, to avoid returning as a walker to haunt his family, he jumps from a helicopter leading to his death. He leaves a significant leadership gap. After Travis’ death, Alicia takes up the mantle of leadership but not for long. The survivors join hands under the guidance of Morgan, whose leadership style is different from Travis’. While Travis would do anything to secure his group, Morgan believes in morality. In one instance, he forces the group to leave supplies at the side of the road, with claims that somebody needy might need it. Nevertheless, he tries his best to work alongside Alicia to keep the group of survivors safe.

3. Unity is strength

When people come together in one accord, anything can be pulled off, and the strength of the wolf is in the pack. The leadership in “Fear the Walking Dead” attempts, by all means, to keep their groups together. They acknowledge that they have a better shot at survival if they stick together. Whenever the zombies attack the survivors, they defend themselves better when they fight together.

Consequently, those that chose to go solo, become an easy target of the marauding zombies and even gangs. Travis’ death could to some extent be attributed to breaking off the pack; he goes out in a killing spree at the corrupt militia compound. He ended up being shot at and unfortunately gets a bite that turns him into a zombie. Furthermore, Alicia and Stand offer to go off to save Wes after Logan’s gang destroyed his motorcycle. In the situation, Alicia is cornered by walkers, but Stand saves her, and in the process, he has eyesight damaged. In another notable incident, Nick runs to his death after wandering offer to settle scores with an old foe right at the hand of a little girl the group had once saved but was now in league with a rival gang, The Vultures.

4. Never give up

Never giving up is a loud and clear message sent by this series. The characters are always in situations where giving up seems like the most viable option, but they never do. Most of the characters have even lost their loved ones, friends, and families, but they never stop pushing to survive. The zombie apocalypse is an event likely to overstay, but the characters have devised means to survive. Some have even ganged up into ruthless gangs like the Vultures and Logan’s gang in the bid to survive. For Morgan and his gang, giving up is never an option, even in the desperate of situations, they always find a way out. In one instance, their plane crashes, in another, they are captured by rival gangs, and every other day they engage the walkers. They, however, always remain strong and fight through it all.

5. Survival is for the fittest

This is a harsh but very applicable life lesson that we can get from “Fear the Walking Dead.” When things turn rough, it is only those that have what it takes to come out victorious. In the event of the zombie apocalypse, many have died, and others have caught the infection. Only a few have managed to survive through the ordeal. Despite incurring heavy losses of both their families and homes, Morgan and Alicia’s group members have forged a bond of unity that has seen them survive through the worst of nightmares. However, some from the group have fallen either at the hands of the zombies or rival gangs. Furthermore, those that have survived are always at loggerheads with each other due to the limited resources available.

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