Fear The Walking Dead Season 4 Has Massive Reboot

The biggest part of season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead is bound to be Morgan, who’s going to shape things up as the show reboots itself in an effort to head off in a new direction that the showrunner and others feel that it’s been needing. That’s not to say the show is no good, far from it in fact. But with Morgan making the crossover into FTWD it’s going to impact the show in a way that will cause it to take a good long look at where it’s been and where it’s going now. The fourth season is going to change in ways that fans don’t seem to fully understand yet but it’s going to remain more or less the same show it’s been since its first season.

If you can remember back to that point it looked almost like the start of another Walking Dead series but set in a more urban sprawl than the flagship series. Where The Walking Dead started out in the south with a more back country feel at times FTWD went from California to Mexico in a very short time and then back to the border in a big hurry. They’ve been moving constantly it seems and the general idea is that things just keep getting worse even if they seem to be getting better for short periods of time. It feels kind of safe to say that Morgan IS the reboot in a way, since his part on TWD has been so in-depth and well though out that the experience he’ll bring to the show will be something unlike the others have ever seen even to this point. It’s fair enough to say that they’ve all seen a lot at this time, and that they have been through traumatic experiences that have shaped them and showed them that the world they believed in no longer exists. But Morgan is the game-changer that has a ton of experience and has gone through an immense amount of development since his time spent on the pilot of TWD and throughout the show after he came back.

He’s seen and done things that those on FTWD still don’t know about and has come to crossroads that they’re still looking for despite all they’ve been through. Nick is perhaps the only character that’s really on par with Morgan when it comes to the series, as he’s been through so much more than the others and yet it still able to keep going somehow. He has his moral quandaries as well but has somehow kept one foot in front of the other most times and is still going. Out of all the regulars on FTWD he’ll probably be the one that can understand Morgan the most in terms of being forced to do some truly terrible stuff and feeling some way about it.

Right now Morgan is the biggest draw for season four and the main reason why people are likely to come back. The story is no doubt going to be great, but how Morgan factors into it could be even better.

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