Watch Walking Dead Season 7’s Best Deleted Scene

Watch Walking Dead Season 7’s Best Deleted Scene

Long time fans of “The Walking Dead” were on edge waiting for the premiere of season seven. We all waited knowing that one of our favorite characters was going to be brutally murdered at the hands of the newest villain and his sick toy of choice, his barbed wire covered baseball bat. We just didn’t know who. Our hearts were shattered when we lost not one, but two, beloved characters in an extremely violent and disturbing scene that left us scared for life.. Or at least until the following episode.

The brains behind this amazing show however, decided that they weren’t done stomping on what remained of our broken heart and offered up for our (ugly crying) pleasure Rick’s dream dinner scene. In this original dream sequence, we see the whole gang back together. Everyone is well dressed, clean and obviously at ease if not peace. The extended family sits together at a long wooden table laden with food, smiling, laughing and alive.

It was tissue fodder for sure. However, this original twenty some odd second scene was massively whittled down from it’s original almost two and half minute clip. With the release of the season seven Blu Ray, deleted scene gold has been showered down upon us lowly fans, including the extended dream clip!

In the full length clip we see Glenn and his child ( with whom he adorably snuggles and plays with), a very pregnant Sasha and Abraham, a ripped Michonne looking elegant in her flowy, soft dress carrying some wine, and all of our favorite characters, alive and well. They are all happy, easily working together to create a feast that they will share as a family, in peace and comfort.

They are all alive, whole, safe.

There are no walkers popping out to rip anyone’s throat out, no angry men with a King complex swinging their baseball bat straight at our soul, no blood, no guts, no screaming, no fear, nor loss, or pain, just a beautiful moment with a family that was forged through fire being brought together.

The full scene is beautiful, full of visual cues (and some say hidden messages), soft music and all the feels you can handle, however it’s admittedly easy to see why it was trimmed down and saved as a Blu Ray tidbit. It’s maybe a little to much happiness for us die hard Walking fans to have all in one sitting.

Walking fans aren’t prepared to handle that much peace, that much calm. We needed it in the harsh afterglow of those two shocking deaths, but maybe not two and half minutes worth.

They needed us to be hurt, to be angry, after all, that’s what keeps us watching. If everyone lived happily ever after, the show would end. So as much as we weren’t prepared to mourn our beloved, fallen friends, we are miles from ready for it all to be over. No riding off into the sunset yet please and thank you very much.

If you’d like to catch the clip (and the feels) for yourself, you can find it below.

But grab a tissue, and maybe the number of a good therapist, because you’re going to need them.

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