Five Hilarious Movie Scenes Where Someone Gives a Thumbs Up

Five Hilarious Movie Scenes Where Someone Gives a Thumbs Up

Five Hilarious Movie Scenes Where Someone Gives a Thumbs Up

The thumbs up signal is one of the simplest things a person can do and it usually means approval. Of course back in the day in Rome it meant the difference between life and death, but here in the movies it tends to be a more positive thing and can be kind of hilarious at times. At least a couple of these clips weren’t really meant to be funny but they were anyway since the scene in which they were used was kind of comical either thanks to the outcome or the situation. In any case the thumbs up sign is usually nothing short of being a confirmation that things are going the way they need to or that something is understood.

If it’s ever negative it’s a rare thing.

5. Monster Squad

Five Hilarious Movie Scenes Where Someone Gives a Thumbs Up

I’m not sure why the clip didn’t load as it was supposed to but during the final battle when Sean stabs Dracula in the heart as they’re sliding towards the vortex Van Helsing appears and tackles the lord of darkness, dragging him further into the maelstrom. As he does this Van Helsing gives Sean a thumbs up which Sean returns in kind. Odd that a guy who’s been stuck in a vortex for so long would know this sign.  Don’t worry you can click this link:

4. The Presidio

It wasn’t meant to be comical here but the scene kind of developed that way regardless. When an officer tells you that they can incapacitate you with their thumb it’s time to back down. Even if they’re bluff there’s a chance that they can still hurt you. After all these people are trained how to fight, survive, and if necessary kill. It’s better to not take the chance.

3. Iron Man 2

So yeah Tony Stark is a bit arrogant and a lot confident in his capabilities, but he has a right to be since he’s a genius and he’s scary good with tech. But when going against members of the US government he’s downright cheeky and doesn’t care who knows it. Of course if the government was trying to take away something of yours that happened to worth a lot of money and had dire implications when falling into the wrong hands then it might be worth fighting over.

2. Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Of course Chuck Norris watches Dodgeball tournaments. I mean why wouldn’t he? The film is already all kinds of ridiculous so it just makes sense to add in someone that can take it just a little more over the top and cement it’s place in film history. Now it might not have the most enviable position in film history but it’s definitely a movie that people remember.

1. Billy Madison

This is a definite call to remember those folks you knew long ago and might have picked on and perhaps mend the past with a few nice words and a very sincere apology. Who knows when you might need those folks in the future. It’s better to have friends than enemies you don’t know about after all.

Of course, the thumbs up gesture means something entirely different in other cultures.

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