What is the Website Gomovies and Is it Even Legal?

What is the Website Gomovies and Is it Even Legal?

What is the Website Gomovies and Is it Even Legal?

It’s becoming more and more common to see sites like Gomovies pop up and not be immediately shut down and the reason for this is that it’s hard to enforce since the sites are kind of like playing Whack-A-Mole, the more you stamp them out the more often new companies are going to pop up. Of course those ‘new’ companies could just as well be the same ones but under a different moniker so it would be hard to really know who’s doing what unless you knew the location of the server. A site can be registered in one country and ran out of another one so trying to enforce this would take a great deal of effort and billable hours that would likely bankrupt the companies that would try to go after them. Plus, on a scale of corruption leading from one to ten it would probably be a matter of perspective as to how bad this really is, but on average it seems like it wouldn’t even pass 5 on an average basis, if it even got that high.

It is illegal, but people just don’t care. A lot of folks don’t even know about the site so it’s kind of an irrelevant point to be honest since at this point they’re not harming anyone on a large scale it would seem, but there are concerns. Gomovies is reputed to take on movies that have hit the theater but haven’t been released to the public yet, so the issue there would be that the money that’s supposed to be going not just to the actors and producers, but to the crews that work on the film, is not being received. This means that some poor worker out there that’s relying on whatever money they make from their part on the set, no matter how big or small, is not receiving the compensation that they’re do. It’s very easy to scoff and say that they’re not missing the pennies that are likely being taken out of their pocket by people signing up to a service like this, and that might be true. But if, keep in mind ‘if’, enough people were to sign up to Gomovies then it might become an issue.

On a personal note it is kind of disturbing how much movies cost and what kind of prices companies are charging for streaming services and the like. But at the same time they run legitimate businesses that employ thousands of people, ordinary folks that aren’t superstars or celebrities and are depending on a paycheck as compensation for the work they’ve been doing. The argument there of course is ‘who cares?’. Not a lot of people are thinking about this when they sign up for services like this since they don’t believe their one subscription is going to cause an impact. But when you factor in a few thousand to a million or more that might actually think this is a good deal and worth the risk then you have a slight problem when you start taking money out of peoples’ pockets for your little bit of convenience.

Streaming and cable companies are kind of spendy sometimes, there’s no doubt about that, but you’re essentially paying the people that are providing these services, meaning you’re actually investing in the economy in a way. With services like Moviego there’s no telling where the money is going, and no matter that some of them are free there will always be add-ons that you tend to need in order to really enjoy the experience, that’s where sites like this tend to make a lot of their revenue. Plus, the idea that you’re doing something wrong should register in your head at least a bit, perhaps a spark in your cerebellum that can remind you that you do have a conscience and wouldn’t want to be cheated out of a single dollar if you had a choice. But morals being what they are it’s not too surprising that services like this exist considering that a lot of people in this world are out to get what they want and not pay as much for it as companies want to charge. Better to have the deal and the product at the same time right?

It’s a bit appalling how many people think this is a good deal but anyway, it’s also kind of saddening to see that a lot of folks don’t care enough to realize that paying for the services that are legal and available might be kind of pricey, but at the very least it’s a way to stimulate the economy and make certain that we’re supporting our own country and not just giving it away to someone else that’s laughing all the way to the bank. Yeah, the American companies might be doing that too, but at least it’s legal.

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