Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer
Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

Sony has finally released the next Spider-Man spin-off trailer! This time it’s famed comic supervillain Kraven the Hunter. The origins of the popular Spidey villain are documented in the rated R-action feature. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will play the Russian immigrant Sergei Kravinoff, who is on a mission to prove that he is the greatest hunter in the world.

Taylor-Johnson isn’t the only heavy hitter in the cast. Academy Award winner Russell Crowe will play Nikolai Kravinoff – Sergei’s father and an organized crime boss. The rest of the cast is Alessandro Nivola, Christopher Abbott, and Ariana DeBose. The next chapter in the Spideyverse will drop in theaters on October 6, 2023. Here are the top five moments of the newly released Kraven the Hunter trailer.

c Are Honored In The Kraven The Hunter Trailer

Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

Admittedly, there’s some hesitation going into Kraven The Hunter. Though J.C. Chandor is an Oscar-nominated director, the Spider-Man spin-offs have been more hit than miss. However, that doesn’t instantly mean that the movie will be a flop. The Kraven The Hunter trailer is solid overall, and there are several promising moments that highlight how compelling Kraven could be.

That brings us to the moment his father paints blood on his son’s forehead. What’s great about this moment is that it shows that the director understands the origins of Kraven. There were clearly changes to Sergei’s story. But highlighting his family aspects can really bring out the dimension that has made his character popular amongst fans. Plus, Russell Crowe playing his father, is an inspired casting choice.

How Kraven Gets His Powers Are Showcased

Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

This is more of a mixed bag. Originally, Kraven was a normal human being. The reason his character is so strong is due to various herbs and potions from the jungle. It’s disappointing that they opted to deviate from that direction, but this moment is still interesting. It’ll be fun to see what other changes were made to Kraven’s origin story.

The lion attack was effective, and it showcases how cruel Nikolai is to his son. It’s a nice character moment for both Sergei and Nikolai. Hopefully, Kraven’s newfound powers aren’t too cheesy in the film. The character seems to have become an elite John Wick-style fighter, which could produce some great action sequences if that is the style they chose.

Kraven’s Connection To Animals Is Established

Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

Another change is that Kraven is clearly an anti-hero in this spin-off. The notion that he uses his connection to animals to track his prey could lead to some great action moments. Take Kraven going crazy on a bunch of poachers; the action is gritty and violent. Seeing him biting off the man’s skin is nasty yet fun. The fight between Kraven and his father should be an entertaining one that brings out the best of the former’s character overall.

Spiders Falling Onto Kraven In The Forest

Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

Could this be a Spider-Man easter egg? Oftentimes, these Spidey-verse spin-offs don’t feel like they exist in the same universe as the masked vigilante. It isn’t just the fact Spider-Man never appears in any of these films. There’s barely any mention of the Marvel character in the spin-offs, and the universe doesn’t feel the same.

The avalanche of spiders is a cool moment because it could elude the beginning of his battle against the popular MCU hero. Though the trailer defines him as an anti-hero, it does make note that Kraven is a murderer. If they can tie that back to Spider-Man and his desire to take down the masked vigilante, then it would finally feel that these spin-offs have a purpose beyond a quick cash grab.

The Rhino Makes An Appearance

Top Five Moments Of Kraven The Hunter Trailer

It’s been well-documented how Sony has desperately wanted to do a Sinister Six movie. Despite the lack of Spider-Man in these spin-offs, it does appear that the studio is building to an all-villain team-up in the future. Morbius and Vulture joined forces in the end credits of the former’s solo film. Now, it appears that the Rhino will get some time to shine. Whether that’s a good or bad thing remains to be seen. However, incorporating Rhino into the Kraven feature does open some fun possibilities for the direction of the Sony film.

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