Five Hilarious “Food in a Blender” Scenes from Movies

Five Hilarious “Food in a Blender” Scenes from Movies

Five Hilarious “Food in a Blender” Scenes from Movies

There is just so much that can go wrong with a blender, especially if it’s not used properly. But in movies they’re usually not used properly or they are and what’s put into them is so heinous that one can’t help but cringe. The funny moments with a blender can come in virtually any movie, it doesn’t matter if it’s horror, drama, comedy, or whatever. Blenders are supposed to be easy to use and not much in the way of a comedic moment, but really, there is a chance of such mayhem with a blender that it’s almost a disappointment when such a moment ISN’T put into a film.

Here are a few instances in which the blender scenes in films turned out be very funny.


Gremlins is kind of a blend of funny and horrifying all at once. The little green guys are vicious and don’t really back down from anything or anyone unless they happen to be tougher. But when they invade this woman’s house and then take over her kitchen she’s had enough and wants them to know that they’re in no way welcome. She stabs one, throws another one in the microwave to cook, and turns the blender on another as he goes whirling around and around, spraying his dark green fluids in all directions.

End of Days

Despite being a horror movie this film had moments of levity such as when Arnold’s character is roused in the morning hours before it’s time to go to work. This moment is kind of needed since the moment before it is so dark and depressing. Arnold is about to kill himself when his partner comes calling. After playing off the fact that he’s hung over and feeling fuzzy he goes about tossing everything from Tylenol to floor pizza in the blender to make his breakfast. Yum.

The Goonies

Technically a couple of tomatoes went into the blender before they threatened to shred Chunk’s hand all to bits, so this scene does just make the cut. There could be nothing scarier than being threatened with this kind of harm. But still the scene turns into a comedic moment when Chunk begins to admit all of his wrongdoings such as pushing his sister down the stairs and blaming it on the dog.

Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo

Fish Margarita anyone? The spicy concoction was courtesy of one of Deuce’s new friends, a blind woman that had good intentions but accidentally shredded an extremely expensive fish. If the fish costs that much and the tank costs thousands just to house him I think I would gladly stick to owning a goldfish.


This had to be added because it’s just TOO COOL. Zoom doesn’t want to be known for his powers but still uses them on occasion as he actually uses his finger to blend his morning drink. It’s fairly innocuous and shouldn’t draw too much attention, but when he’s already on the radar of the same government agency that’s known about him for so long it’s kind of hard to hide.

The blender scene might feel a little overdone if it gets done the same way over and over, but most of the time it’s a refreshing comedic relief.

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