The Five Best Julia Ormond Characters in Her Movie Career

Julia Ormond is a truly talented actress that has played in many movies and been present in TV as well. Some people might not know her since it would seem that she’s kind of selective in what she’s in. There are a lot of dramas and thrillers on her resume but it would appear that she doesn’t always go in for the fluff pieces that some actors use to pad their resumes. That’s not a bad thing but it also kind of limits a person now and again since it makes them seem kind of picky. However, Ormond has managed to put in some of the greatest performances of her career while starring in some of the most memorable movies that have ever been released. Granted that statement is entirely subjective, but a few of the movies on this list are among those that a lot of people could easily agree are films that are fondly remembered for many reasons, one of which is Mrs. Ormond.

Here are a few movies in which she starred that you might find to your liking as they are among her best roles.

5. Rememory – Carolyn Dunn

The human mind is a very tender thing to play with no matter the resiliency that many would grant is one of its biggest boons. When a memory device that is able to bring back ones memories so that they can be viewed the fallout is that the machine begins to mess with people’s minds, prompting many individuals to have a serious problem with the creator. When it appears that the creator of the device has been murdered one man decides to try and solve the case by using the machine, only to muck up his own memories before finding out that the accident that took his brother’s life took that of the creator’s daughter as well. It’s a psychological mind trip that has to be seen to be believed.

4. First Knight – Guinevere

The tale of King Arthur and Guinevere is one that many people have heard throughout the ages and have absolutely loved. Of course there is however the matter of Sir Lancelot, who became one of Arthur’s most trusted knights and yet betrayed him, along with his love, at one point in the legend. When it becomes apparent that Arthur cannot trust either of them the fate of both seems sealed, but when Camelot is attacked by Arthur’s most bitter enemy the need to have every fighter at his beck and call becomes too important as the classic tale unfolds even as the telling varies just slightly, as is normal.

3. Sabrina – Sabrina Fairchild

Love is a strange thing and for Sabrina it’s something she’s been craving from the man of her dreams for a long time. As her father has been their employee for most of her life she’s known of the Larabee’s and has watched them from afar, hoping that David would notice her. But as time went on and he became engaged to another woman his brother Linus sought to use Sabrina in a way to upset David’s marriage for his own purpose. After falling in love with her however Linus finds that he can’t do without her and follows her to Paris where they reconnect and the story ends on a happy note.

2. The Curious of Benjamin Button – Caroline

This movie has one of the oddest twists that has ever been written in that the main character ages backward, appearing as an old man while still a baby and passing away in the form of a child while still exhibiting the signs of an elderly man. Benjamin Button’s is a rather tragic story that is lined with several happy and satisfying moments that don’t ever seem to last as Ormond plays his daughter in the present day, listening to her mother recount the story of his life and how he came into hers. This movie was one that has to be seen to be truly experienced, but it was something rather interesting to watch.

1. Legends of the Fall – Susannah

There are many things that can come between brothers but a woman tends to be one of them that is hard to bear and even harder to withstand. Tristan and Susannah was a match that was not supposed to be and therefore couldn’t be as Tristan was simply too wild for anyone to restrain and had to be allowed to go his own way. Susannah did her best, but even she wasn’t enough to sate the voices that rang in his head, the wildness that he’d been born with, or the madness that came shortly after. Legends of the Fall is a classic largely because it deals with want, desire, and the overreaching need of people to simply live in the best manner they know how.

Julia Ormond has been in some truly powerful movies.

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