Five Great Lori Loughlin Appearances Outside of “Full House”

Lori Loughlin is well known for her time spent with the Full House crew, but there is a lot more to her than just that. She’s been a film and TV star now for a much longer time than a lot of people seem to realize and has made her fame in numerous productions. The seemingly ageless superstar is the kind of actress that doesn’t pop up on the radar for a long time now and again but when she does come back it’s to do something that people will notice her for and reaffirm that she is in fact still a very influential star.

There’s so much more to her than her role in Full House.

5. Amityville 3-D

The Amityville house that sparked so much controversy over the years has spawned a great number of films and has been the subject of many a campy horror flick. In this one Lori plays the daughter of the man that bought the house, and is unfortunately consumed by the evil that dwells within the house. It wasn’t much of a role but it was something that might have been a start to her career.

4. Old Dogs

She doesn’t play a prominent part in this film but she is the one that finally calms John Travolta’s character down from his womanizing ways as he gets to enjoy the experience of being a father near the end of the movie. This film didn’t get a whole lot of good reviews which is kind of surprising since it was actually pretty funny and a very positive family film that had a host of great actors.

3. A Mother’s Rage

There’s more twists in this film than a bendy straw since Loughlin plays a deranged mother that escaped from a psych ward and is on the hunt for the man that killed her daughter years earlier. Eventually however she’s kidnapped and is being tortured when a cop that has been researching her case finds and her shoots the guy that’s assaulting her before shooting the crazy mom as well as after she murders the guy with a pair of scissors.

2. Crawlspace

Some people really don’t want to leave their homes, but this is kind of obsessive to the point of being just scary since the man living in this home exists in the crawlspace as he continues to watch the family that are living in the actual rooms within the home, observing them and making them uneasy until they finally realize he’s there. Then the games are over and it’s time to see who can last the longest.

1. The Night Before

Having to work your way through your night on hazy memories would be bad enough, but learning that you lost your prom date to a pimp named Tito seems like it would be even worse. When Winston gets drunk and loses his memory he has to piece his entire night together and get his date back while dodging the same pimp that has her as his captive. That’d be a prom night to remember.

See? She’s done a lot more.

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