Five Great Easter Egg Hunt Scenes in Movies or TV

Five Great Easter Egg Hunt Scenes in Movies or TV

Easter is just about upon us, and on such an odd day too, but aside from the religious aspect of the holiday we tend to focus more on the side that the candy and entertainment industries have foisted upon us when it comes to really getting into the day. We’ve also decided that Easter egg hunts are where it’s at since it gets the kids involved and allows them to have a bit of fun, especially in movies where the imagination can wander and the joy of just being young and enjoying the holiday without the hullabaloo that comes later on in life.

Yes, I said hullabaloo. It happens.

5. Hop

This is a bit of a warmup on this list since there wasn’t a lot of egg hunting going on but there were plenty of eggs to be found in the movie. Overall the film was supposed to be something rather grand and engaging for kids, but it turned out to be one crass joke after another. It was cute in a way but the effect of having the new Easter Bunny being able to squeeze jelly beans out of his backside was just one aspect of the film that didn’t seem to sit right.

4. Rise of the Guardians

Never mind that the Easter bunny in this film is a slick, boomerang-throwing Aussie that doesn’t take guff from anyone, the egg scene in this film is nothing short of fantastic when it comes to the graphics. Also the idea of kids no longer believing in the holidays is something kind of depressing but it also made for a better film since it makes a lot of sense why kids seem to see things we as adults cannot.

3. IT

It had to be done just because there was a scene in this movie that featured a moment during which Easter was a factor. You’d almost have to believe that any holiday in this town would be laden with some kind of underlying, sour taste to any happy event due to the reality of the entire place being permeated by the creature known as Pennywise. But to make a mockery out of Easter eggs like this, yikes.

2. Peppa Pig

Finally we get to the lighter side of the Easter egg hunt with Peppa Pig. She’s been a favorite of many kids for a while now and is definitely more child-friendly than a lot of programs that have featured the famous egg hunts. It’s not a challenging cartoon and in all honesty it’s something that kids of all ages could watch and probably be reasonably entertained for a least little while.

1. Wubbzy

Wubbzy is one of those cartoons that you buy one DVD and then debate buying another if your kid actually gets into it. The cartoon isn’t bad or vulgar in any way, it’s simply that the characters are kind of, well, annoying after a while. Plus the theme song is enough to drive you mad after hearing it for more than a few times. But kids seem to love it and that’s all that matters.

Just remember to buy ear plugs along with the DVD.

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