Five Fictional Doctors Who Would Lose Their Licenses in Real Life

TV and movies take a lot of creative liberties with a variety of subjects when trying to depict what it is that people do and how certain professions are handled within society. Doctors are more than just physicians as many people should know by now, but they all have rules to follow in order to keep the license that makes it possible for them to do whatever is that they do. Whether they work with animals, people, or in an entirely different field, doctors have reached their level of expertise through a great deal of hard work, sacrifice, and the type of effort that only a handful of people ever think about giving to get what they want, at least in their respective fields. They become the best at what they do, or at least someone of renown, for many reasons, but when it comes to entertainment there are plenty of doctors that would lose their license to practice in their given field in a heartbeat if their actions were ever discovered by the scientific community. Whether they buck the system or find a clever way to maneuver around rules and circumvent what they know to be right and moral, there are plenty of doctors in the movies and in TV that would probably lose their license and even serve a prison sentence for all the things they’ve done.

Here are a few fictional doctors that would easily lose their license.

5. Dr. Henry Wu – Jurassic World

Amazingly, this guy, played by B.D. Wong, was actually likable in Jurassic Park since he was just another doctor that was attempting to create a world that hadn’t been seen in millions of years. He wasn’t the arrogant individual that showed up in Jurassic World and made it appear as though he’d done everything, pioneered every bit of science that had been let loose into the world. To be fair, he kind of was responsible for all of it, but that responsibility didn’t extend to taking the credit for so many people being killed when one of the zoo exhibits started running amok. There’s no doubt that he should have been brought up on charges and discredited for such a blunder as the I. Rex.

4. Dr. Victor Frankenstein – Frankenstein

The God complex with this character is simply astounding, and there are a few reasons why he would need to be disavowed and not allowed to practice any longer since grave-robbing would only be one of them while attempting to one-up the almighty would be another. But depending on the tale, one could still look at this individual as someone that had massive issues and didn’t really belong anywhere near the field of medicine. There are plenty that would point to his genius when it came to animating dead flesh, but there are likely far more that would state that this doesn’t make him a genius so much as it makes him a monster.

3. Dr. Jonathan Crane – Batman Begins

When a person thinks of how many test subjects this guy had to go through in order to perfect his little fear cocktail it’s hard to think of him as anything but a monster, and a cunning one at that. Crane wasn’t the most level-headed individual, but he was smart enough to keep things on the down-low, at least until Batman came into play and started mucking things up. But even if that didn’t happen he would have been ruined eventually simply because a person can only keep the kind of secrets he did for so long. The idea of toying with human beings and testing out a fear serum on them is beyond creepy.

2. Dr. Moreau – The Island of Dr. Moreau

Where to start with this one? There might not be any laws other than his on his island, but back in the world this guy wouldn’t just be stripped of his license, he’d likely be charged with enough crimes to keep him locked up indefinitely since the very idea of experimenting on animals and humans would, in this day, probably put him a step or two from the death penalty. It would at least earn him life in prison without any chance of parole given the attitude towards animal cruelty. Of course, the only question after that would be what to do about his island and the creatures there, since you know someone with less sense than empathy would try to ‘save’ his test subjects.

1. Dr. Gregory House – House

How this guy was given a show to prove his utter disdain for so many people while he went about the task of trying to save lives and being snarky with every other sentence is hard to imagine. It’s a big hope that people don’t think that this is how doctors really are since House is the kind of guy that a lot of people simply can’t stand. Even when he’s right, he’s still kind of a pain in the butt about it, and on top of that, it’s hard to respect a guy that was kicked out of med school for not following the rules that often.

Doctors can be different, but one thing they need to be is moral and ethical more often than not.

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