Five Actors Whose Work is Now Hard to Watch Because of Real Life Stuff

Movie stars aren’t perfect, and they really shouldn’t be held to a higher standard since they’re bound to make mistakes as well. The only problem with this is that their mistakes tend to become a matter of public record and incur public opinion on a pretty regular basis, and as a result this can affect how people see them and their work. When this happens people tend to look at celebrities a bit differently, especially if what they did was particularly upsetting or disturbing since it was likely illegal or at least troubling when it was revealed by the media. While some of the blame can be laid at the feet of the media, a lot of it still tends to rest on the shoulders of the celebrity when it comes right down to it since their behavior is their problem, no one makes them do the things they do, no one makes them the spoiled and entitled individuals they are, since like everyone they have a choice as to how they’ll react to the fame, the fortune, and the attention. The whole argument of ‘you people made me this way’ is a quick copout that too many stars have attempted to use in an attempt to explain away bad behavior. When accountability is tossed out the window it tends to state that bad judgment is to be forgiven, and that’s a slippery slope that has a rather poor end.

Here are a few actors that are hard to watch now thanks to their poor life decisions.

5. Lindsay Lohan

LiLo was a cute kid wasn’t she? At one time she was a very attractive young woman, and some might even think she’s retained that beauty to this point, but too many run-in with the law and failed attempts to bring her career back to its former glory have left her looking hollowed out and drawn. On top of that, the behavior she’s exhibited when getting in trouble has been anything but inspiring to anyone, and has made it clear that she believes that she’s a bit above the law, or outside it perhaps, and doesn’t have to pay attention to what others want of her. The fact that she’s done little to no jail time for offenses that others have been locked up for doesn’t help.

4. Charlie Sheen

Everyone has a self-destruct button, and while most people do their best to hide it and keep well away from it, at one point Charlie Sheen decided to see what would happen if he mashed his thumb on his and held it down for a while. Not only has his health been going down the tube for a while, but his reputation has been anything but ‘winning’ him a lot of accolades lately. His earlier work was actually pretty good since he’s been a funny and engaging kind of guy, but once he started getting older things just started heading downhill, especially with his behavior when it came to the show Two and a Half Men.

3.  Shia LaBeouf

As a younger kid Shia was actually tolerable and kind of funny. He was able to keep it together and create believable characters that were fun to watch and didn’t really feel as though they were so out there that an audience couldn’t understand them. Lately he’s been making a slow but steady comeback, but people are no doubt still waiting for the next freakout since like so many other celebrities he had a meltdown when President Trump was elected, though it does feel as though Shia was going downhill before that and behaving in an erratic manner that people couldn’t really understand.

2. Mel Gibson

For quite a while Mel Gibson was every woman’s dream and the kind of guy that every man wanted to be. He was tough, he knew how to make an action movie, and he was someone that had a lot going for him since he’d made a name for himself with movies like Mad Max and Lethal Weapon. That all kind of went away in the 2000s when he went on his anti-Semitic rant and didn’t do a great job at damage control afterwards. Since then people have looked at him askance, as though waiting for another rant to explode out of him. Obviously this wouldn’t be a good idea on his part.

1. Kevin Spacey

The sexual assault charges that were brought against him didn’t help Spacey’s career in the least bit, even when the alleged victim decided to plead the 5th. It didn’t exactly exonerate him and because of this a lot of people still look at him funny and don’t tend to think he’s quite as trustworthy as some folks would like to think. That’s too bad really since he is a great actor, but something like a sexual assault charge can mark a person for life.

Obviously being a celebrity doesn’t mean that you’re above reproach, even the law can’t always touch them for one reason or another.

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