Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

The MCU is coming up in a big way lately and it’s showcasing some of the best superheroes in the business, along with a few villains that are worthy of note. These are the heroes and villains however that aren’t ridiculously overpowered and as such are much more reliant on skill, firepower, and brains. In a sense that makes them the working person’s superhero largely because they are more vulnerable, more likely to incur injury at any given time, and are not as susceptible to being brought back if the writers were ever told to kill them off. Granted, the writers likely won’t be able to do such a thing for a long time, but the reality is that these characters are far more capable of dying and as such are much more believable given their efforts.

Here are a few that fans have come to love.

5. Daredevil

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

The man without fear. The devil of Hell’s Kitchen. No matter what you call him he’s just awesome. A blind guy that can fight crime just as well as any other masked hero and can take on ninjas with relative ease is someone you don’t want to mess with. In the comics he’s always been one very tough guy, and in the MCU thus far his reputation has been well earned.

4. The Kingpin

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin, is someone you don’t cross unless you’ve got a legion of superheroes behind you, or in front of you. He’s the kind of guy that will work at your weaknesses even if it looks like he’s doing absolutely nothing. He’ll find whatever it is that can topple you and then bring you crashing down without a care in the world. Cross him, and you’d better hope you can enlist one of the Avengers or the Defenders at least to help you out.

3. Luke Cage

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

He’s a little cocky but he comes by it honestly. The guy just can’t be stopped by anything but the most extreme of measures and he’s even taken a punch from Iron Fist. Granted it probably really hurt like crazy but at least he could get up afterwards. Anyone else tries that and they’re going to feel what it’s like to have their hand break bone by bone in rapid succession. I mean, ouch.

2. The Punisher

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

He doesn’t generally play nice with others, and most of the other superheroes don’t agree with his shoot first, shoot some more, shoot again, and then ask questions mentality. But as much as everyone in the MCU has lost, and they have lost a lot, Frank Castle is the one that takes the pain of that loss to a place that’s so dark and unforgiving that he finds it horrendously easy to dispense justice without an instant of regret.

1. Elektra

Our Five Favorite MCU Netflix Characters

Raised to be an assassin and trained to kill without hesitating she’s one of the most popular and underrated ninja’s in history. She and Daredevil have had a long-standing love/hate/love relationship going on that makes little sense but seems to be worth it to them. Love hurts sometimes, but hopefully it won’t kill.

There are other MCU characters that are well liked, but these are just some of the best.


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