Five Facts You Didn’t Know about Jeffrey Donovan

Five Facts You Didn’t Know about Jeffrey Donovan

Jeffrey Donovan is one of those actors that you look at and say “I know that guy from somewhere.”. If you’ve watched his TV roles and his films then you’d know exactly where you’ve seen him since his roles are different enough that he can rightly be called skilled, but his mannerisms are pretty much the same no matter what he’s in. As he’s aged he’s become more of a known face but he still sits behind the scenes at times so to speak. He does play in movies with big up and coming actors as more of a stand-in and a supporting actor, but he knows how to shine when it’s necessary. His presence isn’t exactly forceful but he’ll make sure that people know he’s there and isn’t going to be ignored.

He’s the guy you don’t turn your back on movies quite often.

5. He was in the Blair Witch Project 2.

Playing an eccentric filmmaker and town nuisance named Jeffrey he gets to take a tour group on a hike around the Black Hills where the Blair Witch supposedly still exists, and in doing so manages to unleash something that none of them saw coming. The entire film is just a tad bit better than the first movie since the camera angles are a lot easier to deal with and one can obviously tell it’s fiction without having to deal with people insisting that it’s a ‘real’ documentary.

4. He was the star of the show Burn Notice.

Michael Westen was a former CIA operative that was ‘burned’ by the agency, meaning he was cut off entirely and couldn’t depend on anyone other than those that he could find that would lend him a hand when he needed it. Together with a team made up of those that he once tried to avoid he became kind of a different version of the A-Team but with a set goal to clear his name and get his life back.

3. He grew up poor.

Donovan admits that he grew up the child of a single mother with two siblings and had to move around 10 times since they couldn’t afford to stay in a lot of the places they were living. He and his siblings were taught to live frugally at a very young age. This no doubt stuck with him for a long time until he finally came into his own as an actor, after which it seems that he might still adhere to the lessons his mother taught him.

2. He loves golf.

He’s an avid golfer and doesn’t mind hitting the fairway when he has the time and opportunity. Seeing as how he’s still working on his career it might not be as often as he’d like but there’s always the chance that he might get a breather in between productions.

1. He’s a skilled martial artist. 

Donovan is a black belt in Shotokan karate and has also studied Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which seems very popular, and Aikido. Obviously he’s not a man you want to mess with without good reason.

As an actor he’s still kind of a supporting talent at best, but he’s a solid character no matter where he shows up.

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