Five of the Dumbest Rules Reality Shows Ever Created

Five of the Dumbest Rules Reality Shows Ever Created

Reality shows can be pretty dumb in general, and sometimes they reach a point where they are nothing short of ridiculous. It really depends on the show in question, but some of them are interesting while others are barely even tolerable. It’s obvious that some of them have been scripted, although with others it’s more difficult to tell how much of the show has some truth to it and how much is purely made up. As it turns out, the rules associated with a lot of reality shows are just as messed up as the shows themselves. Below are five of the dumbest rules created by reality shows.

1. Hunted

On this show, contestants have a whole laundry list of rules they are expected to follow. Not all of these rules have been made available to the general public, but some of the rules have managed to find their way out of the secret shadows. Remember, Hunted is basically an adventurous game show so contestants have to compete with each other and they have to do it in a very specific way. The rules dictate that they have to move a minimum of every two days and there are a whole ton of rules involving use of the ATM. Contestants have to use the ATM at least twice during their stint on the show, yet they can never use the ATM more than once in any single 24 hour period, nor can they take out more than $100 at a time. Just remembering the rules long enough to stay on the show might be considered a victory by most.

2. Big Brother

No one is allowed to sing on this show. It sounds completely silly, but the producers added this rule so they wouldn’t have to pay royalties for any of the songs that contestants might start singing on their own accord. The producers have cameras running pretty much all the time, so they make a regular occurrence out of telling the contestants to be quiet every time they start to sing.

3. Utopia

On this show and practically every other show that falls into this category, there are absolutely no cell phones allowed. In fact, if anyone does manage to sneak one onto the set and they get caught with it, it’s usually grounds for being kicked off the show without any opportunity for correcting the situation. Producers want the contestants to focus on the reason they are there, not perusing Facebook or texting their friends.

4. Amazing Race

This rule sounds funny enough to make you double over laughing, but it is a legitimate regulation for this particular show. When you are traveling overseas, you’re not allowed to take the cab of your choosing in order to get from one place to the next. Instead, you have to take one that has already been approved by the show’s producers. They say this is to keep contestants safe but it still sounds funny when somebody tells you that you can take the cab on the left, but not the one on the right.

5. Survivor

Even though this particular reality television show is portrayed like a very long contest, there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes that most people don’t really know about. The rule here is that no matter what happens during the contest, no matter who wins or loses, producers can and will do whatever they want. They can change the rules whenever they feel like it even if that means stopping everything that is already in progress in order to say that they’re changing everything. Furthermore, contestants have no choice but to obey or they will be kicked off the show immediately. That means that when you are watching the show, it’s a lot more about who the producers like than it is about who actually gets voted off the island.

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