Five Bullies in Movies You Actually Kind of Liked

Five Bullies in Movies You Actually Kind of Liked

Five Bullies in Movies You Actually Kind of Liked

It’s hard to fathom but there are bullies in movies that you might have liked. I know, weird right? But if you really look back at a lot of movies you can at least stop and think that without the bullies the movies would have been kind of dull. So yes, bullies aren’t a good thing. In fact they’re one of the last things that society can agree upon when it comes to the natural order of things. But in movies they’re at least interesting enough because they add a certain dynamic to the film that needs to be dealt with in some way that brings closure to a part of the lead’s life or someone else’s.

And how do we deal with a bully? Trust me, it’s not by just walking away.

5. Biff Tannen-Back to the Future

Biff is the big, dumb, brainless bully that loves beating up on people and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process. He proves that he’s got some skills and at least some intelligence throughout the movies but for the most part he’s about as dumb as a fence post. Still, being a big tough guy seems to allow him to get by and become a big nuisance until George sets him straight.

4. Regina George-Mean Girls


We’ve all known a mean girl or two like Regina in school. Well we might have known she existed but didn’t really know her, which would be a good thing. Mean girls tend to fill their own niche in the delicate balance of the high school hierarchy. They’re not the best people in the world but if they weren’t there then someone even worse might show up and start wreaking havoc.

3. Scut Farkus-A Christmas Story

If humanity was all about culling the weak from the strong then Scut Farkus would be one of the top agents in his field in the youth division. He’s an unholy terror for Ralphie and his pals and is of course backed up by a little toady of his own that doesn’t do much more than back his big buddy up. Of course, once Scut goes down his little yes man isn’t much help.

2. Chris Hargensen-Carrie

One of the original mean girls is Chris from the movie Carrie. Little miss entitled thought she could get away with anything and it would be just fine. But think about this, if she wasn’t there and she wasn’t who she was then what might have happened? It’s surprising to think that Carrie might have actually been accepted by a few of the others and possibly helped to become a more popular person.

1. Buzz McCallister-Home Alone

Buzz is just the biggest, meanest brother on this list and he filled such a useful niche in the movie that taking him out would have left a huge void in the McCallister household. He’s the bane of Kevin’s existence and basically the one person in the house that even shows a hint of respect towards Kevin at the end of the movie, aside from his parents.

Sometimes bullies are needed, but then again sometimes they need to be knocked down a few pegs.

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