Five of the Most Bizarre Foods Featured on “Bizarre Foods”

Bizarre Foods is a show that depicts some of the most out of this world meals that to those that make them are quite normal. Those of us living in the US might actually cringe and wonder just what’s wrong with people in other countries but let’s not be too judgmental since at least in other countries it seems like they eat less processed food and stick to natural ingredients. Some of the foods are a bit cringe-worthy but at the very least they are something that is different and offers a bit more flavor than the average run through the drive-thru.

Don’t judge until you try, right?

5. Japan-Stonefish sashimi

If there’s an issue with stonefish it’s that it is the most poisonous fish known to mankind and if one of their spines happens to stick into you fully then there’s no chance that you’ll be around to talk about the experience. Those that work with the fish have to have a special license just to work with it since it’s so poisonous. But once the barbs are off it does make a rather interesting meal for something that could kill you if not handled properly.

4. Australia-Kangaroo tail

This might not be something that you want to tell a child at first because a lot of children tend to want to think of kangaroos as fluffy and fun to look at. In Australia however they are seen as a food animal and sometimes as a pest. They’re not as cuddly as you would think but apparently their tails are something of a delicacy since they can be chopped up and served to customers.

3. Iceland-Puffin

It might seem odd to see anyone fishing off of a cliff when they’re standing hundreds of feet from the water, but in Iceland they’re not casting for fish, but for puffins. If you don’t know what a puffin is, they’re small sea birds that are found in only a few places in the world and are considered to be quite tasty when cut up into fillets and seasoned just right before being cooked on a grill.

2. Morocco-Roasted lamb’s head

Sometimes when an animal’s head is put out for show it’s just part of the presentation, but not in Morocco. This is where you can sit down and be served individual pieces from a lamb’s roasted head, such as the eyeballs, the cheeks, the jowls, the ears, and so on and so forth. Unless you like the gelatinous feel of something such as this in your mouth it might not be something you really enjoy.

1. Philippines-Baby chickens

You read that right, baby chickens. The vendors take them and season them up, marinate them in a sauce, and then deep fry the whole thing, and I mean the WHOLE thing, before serving them up. By the time they’re all done the bones are quite soft and even the beak is edible since the process kind of strips away any hardness the might cause any gastrointestinal distress.

They’re definitely bizarre, but to the people making them they’re quite normal.

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