Five Awesome Movie Scenes At the Dentist

Five Awesome Movie Scenes At the Dentist

Five Awesome Movie Scenes At the Dentist

So let’s get this straight, very few people ever like going to the dentist. They seem more like medieval torturers than professionals at time and unfortunately it’s the condition of our mouths that make them seem this way. In films they can be mild or absolutely horrifying seeing as how Hollywood likes to either play on our fears or at least make the job seem like a boring, humdrum existence. But dentists can be amusing too, and in a variety of ways. Here are some that make the list for interesting and/or horrifying.

Thank your dentist for being there at least, and having the decency to ask you if it hurts.

5. Wild Hogs

From a dentist a biker. That seems like quite the stretch. Maybe if you got in a fist fight with the guy he’d be able to tell you which tooth you just lost or what kind of damage you just did to your mouth.  This movie was just flat out hilarious as you see a suburbanite dentist and his aging buddies take on a road trip that has more to do with a mid-life crisis than it does with the adventure they have yet to experience.

4. Finding Nemo

Ever wonder if fish know more than they let on?  These ones certainly do as they actually argue over the techniques and equipment that their owner is using. They even go so far as to comment on the patient if they happen to do anything but lie in the chair. Tell me this, would you be a little creeped out if you looked over during a dental examination and saw all the fish staring at you like a bunch of interns trying to learn something?

3. Coneheads

Oh my gosh, look at those teeth. With all respect to Sir Mixalot I mean really, look at this. The guy’s got more teeth than a dang shark and he wants them all capped at the same time. Honestly why not just cap the front ones and call it good? The dentist in this film would have been taking a long vacation soon after to celebrate and try to forget what he’d seen. Yikes.

2. Good Luck Chuck

So you’re a dentist, you’re single, and women just want to sleep with you? Granted it’s for a reason that seems kind of odd, but for a bachelor this seems like a dream come true. And then you meet the girl of your dreams and the fantasy ride comes screeching to a halt because you don’t want to risk sleeping with her just so that she meets the man of HER dreams soon after. So be alone and satisfied or be with someone and risk them leaving you anyway. Decisions, decisions.

1. Little Shop of Horrors

Ah yes, the nightmarish dentist that so many people are afraid of. And he sings to make it even worse. This guy loves torturing his patients and it shows. In fact there’s only one guy in the film that this sadistic tooth-puller can’t seem to deal with, and of course it’s Bill Murray. It’s just no fun to torture someone that loves it I guess.

So don’t ignore the dentist, and by all means don’t take some of these as indications of what could happen. Dentists are good, dentists won’t hurt you, say it a few times and you might believe it.


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