Why Daisy Ridley Would Make an Excellent Spider-Woman

Why Daisy Ridley Would Make an Excellent Spider-Woman

Why Daisy Ridley Would Make an Excellent Spider-Woman

When people get wind of a rumor concerning a movie, an actor, or anything to do with the movies it’s pretty typical to see that the rumor will spread like wildfire no matter if it’s entirely factual or not. A lot of folks happen to think that since Daisy Ridley is now done with Star Wars, as far as it’s been said, it might be time for her to join another franchise that could make good use of her as an action star, though as of now it doesn’t sound as though Daisy is thinking of saying yes to anything. She’s made it clear that she’s open to the idea of joining the MCU, but as far as making a commitment she’s debunked any rumors that she will be taking on the role of Spider-Woman, aka Jessica Drew. She’s not saying no with an absolute line in the sand, but she’s making it clear that she hasn’t said yes to anything yet since she wants to accept a role because she’s interested, not just because people think she should. In this light, it does feel that she might be the right person for the role since her dimensions are what’s needed and she does have the acting ability to make it work. But if she doesn’t have the desire then it’s fair to say that it won’t happen. But getting a female to play this role could drum up a lot of interesting options, especially since there are plenty of women that could take on the role and do something great with it. It should be Daisy though for a few reasons.

They’re pretty generic reasons, such as the fact that she’s still young enough to make a killer origin story since what’s there to work with is pretty insane anyway and could be a great story for the MCU. Unlike Spider-Man, who was given his powers through the working of fate, Jessica was injected by a serum created using arachnid DNA to save her life and was then locked in stasis for years. She emerged as a grown woman with little no life experience and had to make her uncertain way through the world until her powers were triggered by accident, and marked her as an outcast. Jessica was found and trained by a high-ranking HYDRA officer and was trained by the organization to become an assassin, and was taught how to use her powers in the most effective way. To be realistic, Jessica is kind of like several heroes rolled into one since she’s a master assassin, is highly intelligent, has a healing factor, can produce energy blasts, and of course, has her spider-like powers that make her distinct. Plus, she’s interacted with a large number of heroes and villains across the Marvel universe, literally across the universe in fact. She’s also a character that could help bring in a character such as the High Evolutionary, who could easily kick off an event that would spread across multiple movies and likely bring in several more heroes and villains that would be a huge boon to the MCU.

One reason why Daisy would be great for this is that she’s played the part of a Force-user for the better part of the last several years, and therefore knows what it takes to go through the type of conditioning that would be needed for this part. It is a role that could come with being locked down for a certain number of movies, but it would give her the type of exposure that Chaos Walking and other movies haven’t really been doing as of late since this role would put her front and center and not have to worry about another individual claiming to be the savior of anything. Yes, I am talking about John Boyega and his claims of Finn ‘saving’ the Star Wars franchise. But in the MCU, Daisy would be brought into a huge franchise filled with characters that would not only bolster her role but would be there to build upon it as well since, as I mentioned, Spider-Woman has gone through a great deal of personal evolution and has interacted with many of the high-profile individuals and teams in the Marvel universe, and has even been connected to Captain Marvel in the past, which means that she could become a very prominent character if she were brought into the fold.

The only thing that’s hard to guess at is whether or not Daisy would actually want to be locked in for more than one movie, since that’s a big commitment, especially to those that are still young enough to want to explore as many experiences as they can while they have the time. It would be great to see her in the MCU, but it would have to be her decision.

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