Five Awesome Fight Scenes From Movies Taking Place in the Water

It’s not exactly typical to fight in water when one really thinks about it. The footing is less certain, mobility becomes a little more limited, and to be quite honest, falling down in the water isn’t such a good thing considering how much effort it takes to get back up. Some might argue those points, especially if one is on the water instead of in it, but the point is that the idea of fighting in or on the water is still an uncertain thing since water isn’t going to sit still like land and in some way it can trip a person up no matter if they’re moving erratically or keeping their feet under them. Then there’s the idea of the spray that can be kicked up. While it’s pretty much harmless it’s a distraction that opponents can use to swing the fight in their favor, and in a fight like those depicted below, a split second could create a huge shift in the fight and might determine the difference between victor and vanquished. There are those instances when it feels easy to think that trained and seasoned warriors might not slip so easily, but in the water pretty much anything can happen, especially if a person doesn’t know the terrain as well as they probably should. But in the movies, the heroes and villains don’t always get to conform to the laws of reality, so it’s fair to state that we do get some pretty awesome fight scenes out of it, and when they’re in the water, these scenes tend to be even more impressive in a lot of ways.

With that in mind, here are a few awesome fight scenes in and on the water.

5. The Protector

When this movie came out this was without any doubt one of THE best fight scenes that anyone had seen in a while, and this is keeping in mind that we’d already seen Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and some of Tony Jaa. But the inclusion of Capoeira did a lot to add some flash to the scene, even if the style was utterly destroyed only a short way into it. But props to Lateef Crowder all the same since the guy has been around for a while and he’s amazing to watch. But following it up with an impressive display from John Foo, who’s also been in the movies for a bit, and then a rousing appearance by Nathan Jones, who proves to be more than Tony’s match when it comes to his size and strength, makes for a great fight scene.

4. Battleship

Quite honestly there’s a lot wrong with this movie, and the scenes leading up to this one. The battleship that’s retrofitted and taken back out for active duty wouldn’t have any armament aboard most likely, and firing up the engines would take a while. That’s not to mention that even getting it to move would be an iffy process at best. But for the sake of the battle scene it’s necessary to stow all rational belief and reality just to get into the moment when the ship is seen to pull up parallel to the alien ship with the feeling of “Oh, it’s SO on.”. Seriously, that one moment is perhaps the best in the movie and really makes this fight scene better than it had any right to be.

3. Black Panther

A guy that doesn’t have anything to lose is sometimes a lot more dangerous than the guy that has EVERYTHING to lose. But when it comes to honor and tradition, sometimes a challenge can’t be ignored, especially if the challenger has a legitimate right due to the fact that they’re a blood relative. Killmonger’s need for revenge on T’Challa, since he couldn’t avenge himself on T’Chaka, was something that wasn’t going to be denied, and it was actually kind of interesting to watch T’Challa get humbled, as he might have thought of Killmonger as just another fighter. That’s usually not a wise way to think, especially for a king.

2. Army of Darkness

You’ve really got to let the ridiculousness of this movie roll off your shoulders, especially because it’s a lot easier to enjoy that way given that there’s so much that’s just over the top and meant to be in this movie. Ever since Evil Dead 2 when things became truly comical, this idea has been something that’s had a cult following since people love Ashe and they definitely love the story. Bruce Campbell’s delivery was absolutely perfect in this movie since the action and the comedy came together in a manner that was enough to leave one’s jaw hurting from the effort laughing so hard. The ‘boomstick’ line is still a classic.

1. Godzilla vs. Kong

Well, unfortunately for Kong fans, Godzilla was nearly content to do one of the few things that could have ended Kong, which was dragging him beneath the water at one point. But up until then Kong was giving the big lizard a decent pounding and making it clear that he wasn’t going to back down. The hope is that there won’t be a sequel to this movie since Kong and Godzilla did (spoilers) end up parting ways amicably, kind of. But one can almost guess that such a thing might happen.

Fight scenes on or in the water can get pretty tense.

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