Five Awesome Fight Scenes From Arrow

Arrrow Fight Scene

For a number of years now Arrow has been one of the highly favored TV heroes that DC and the CW have been able to roll out and make bank on. He’s the type of vigilante that does have the hi-tech toys and gadgets but not in such abundance that it seems as though he’s bound to fall back on them every chance he gets. If anything, Oliver keeps his toys at hand more often than not and seeks to get up close and personal with his enemies a lot more than other heroes. In some instances he’s the kind of vigilante who seems to relish the scars and lumps he takes as they might be considered the price of keeping his city safe. He hasn’t always been the victor in his fights much like other superheroes, but when it comes to dishing out the pain he’s been able to get down and bang with the best of them, or at least with a few of the best.

Here are just a few of the best fight scenes from Arrow.

5. Divided

Arrow is a no-nonsense type of fighter that knows how to gain the advantage and who knows how to use distraction as his ally. A lot of heroes seem to employ this idea since it does help to not only thin out the numbers of the bad guys but it also keeps their attention focused just enough in the wrong direction so as to allow the hero the chance to get in close. For Arrow you might think this would be a problem since typically a bow and arrow isn’t really a close quarters weapon. But somehow he seems to make it work, and on top of that he is skilled at hand to hand combat and knows how to make use of his surroundings.

4. Russia Fight

You don’t always see Arrow using guns since his bow and edged weapons seem to be his preferred method, but there are times that one has to use what they have in order to get the job done, and Oliver is just as skilled at pulling the trigger and overwhelming a bunch of trigger-happy thugs as he at using his bow. Watching him move is almost like watching the priests in the movie Equilibrium as the gun kata might be mostly made up but it does seem to have filtered down throughout the years into many different forms that may or may not have been taken into consideration for various shows.

3. Arrow vs. China White

Let it never be said that female heroes or villains are weak in any way since this woman seems to be ready to take to Arrow in a big way when it’s obvious that they’re not going to be talking this one out. Arrow might be a great fighter but he’s not the end-all be-all when it comes to hand to hand and it’s been seen throughout several episodes that his deadly proficiency with his bow is still his one big draw, no pun intended. But when it comes to hand to hand he’s definitely dangerous, right up until he meets someone that’s his match or his superior. Oliver thankfully knows how to improvise and move about so as not to allow himself to get caught flat-footed most times.

2. Arrow vs. Deathstroke

Deathstroke is just one mean, determined opponent. In the comics he usually appears a lot more reserved until he goes berserk, but in this fight it’s apparent that he’s none too happy and is fully ready to fight to the death. Slade Wilson isn’t exactly what you would call a reasonable man or someone that is willing to listen to anyone unless it suits him. But when it comes to knockdown, drag out brawl between him and Oliver he pulls no punches and has no compunctions about what’s going to happen and why. For Deathstroke to get into a slugfest with someone usually means that all of his other options have been exhausted, and it’s just time for pure, unadulterated killing.

1. Arrow vs. Ra’s Al Ghul

This is probably one of the only times that Ra’s Al Ghul has been given a fair treatment in media since in Batman Forever he was a great fighter, but he wasn’t shown to be especially vicious as he is here. In this version he seems to be playing with Oliver before he finally puts him down. Of course as Adam Holmes of Cinema Blend wrote years ago he wasn’t dead, and there were reasons for it, but in this instant you can imagine a lot of Arrow fans felt their breath leave them in a sudden gasp as Oliver was kicked off the ledge, supposedly well on his way to the afterlife. But then again if you’ve been reading comics for long enough you know that heroes and major villains aren’t just offed that easy.

There are definitely enough fight scenes throughout this show that I might have missed some great ones, so please, let me know.

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