Five Amazing Movies That were About Time Travel

There are a lot of great movies that are involved with time travel, but for some of them it’s more of a gimmick within the movie while with others it’s a main part of the show but it still gets picked up and put down like just another prop. The idea of time travel in a movie is something that people have loved for years and can’t get enough of, assuming it’s done right of course. It can be goofy, it can be serious, or it can be both and still have the same kind of impact that people want. But one thing it needs to be is entertaining or it just becomes another snoozefest about people going back and forth in time. There has to be something outrageous in it that people haven’t seen before or you might as well stay in the present and save your time.

Here are some of the best when it comes to time travel.

5. Hot Tub Time Machine

When a bunch of guys want to go back to living like they did in their glory days they enter a hot tub and, well, party. Somehow though the hot tub sends them back to the 1980’s where they get to live out their youth once again, and possibly this time avoid screwing things up. Of course when you mess with time you have to remember that things are going to happen that you might not expect.

4. The Terminator

“Sarah Connor?” “Yes-BOOM” Yeah, that’s a lot of what people remember from this film since it was one of the most brutal scenes that took place. The criticism is that a machine would almost be expected to know the difference between one Sarah Connor and another, but then again you have to factor in the idea that there wouldn’t be any complete records of anyone living in the 80’s that far into the future.

3. Back to the Future

How much would things really change if George McFly finally gave Biff that huge attitude adjustment he’d been needing? I think it might extend a little further beyond just having a better life and a better relationship with his family. But hey it was a happy ending and no one really got hurt over it, even Biff was kind of a nicer guy in some ways, right?

2. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Going back in time to avoid an all out war on mutants would be a good idea but it wouldn’t completely erase the anti-mutant sentiment that the X-Men have dealt with for so long. It might show people that while they can be dangerous they aren’t always that way. Still, changing the past in this one feels more like stalling for time than coming up with a good solution.

1. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Who knew that Genghis Khan liked Twinkies? Of course given that they’re sweet and easy to eat it’s not that hard to imagine. But this film was awesome for it’s time because it didn’t require a lot of thought. The guys were important enough that those from the future sent them a device to help them out and it just happened to be a time machine that allowed them to finish their final report.

Strange things are afoot when time travel is involved.

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