Five Amazing Ballads from Otherwise Heavier Rock and Roll Bands

The era of the big hair bands and the heavy rock they produced was simply awesome without question. But when they produced ballads that were so far out of the norm from what they usually did it was something that a lot of people took note of and had to admit was pretty nice. Who would have thought that guys who rocked so hard would be able to croon out these kind of jams and still sound just as good? The monster ballads that some of these bands could lay down were enough to convince many fans that they weren’t one-dimensional in the least and were worthy of at least some worship.

Here are a few good examples of what I’m talking about.

5. Every Rose Has It’s Thorn-Poison

How many of you grew up listening to these songs? Yeah, hands up, me too. My big brother would blasting these and everything else under the sun that he liked every morning whenever he could get away with it. Having to grow up listening to this kind of music made me appreciate the generation a lot more and also made me wonder just where in the heck music is going today.

4. Reason To Live-KISS

KISS has enjoyed one of the biggest fan bases in all of rock and roll and to be honest they’ve earned ever inch of it. They’ve been so heavily criticized by those that didn’t understand their music and even banned outright in some areas only to see their popularity increase almost exponentially as the years continued to pass. Don’t ever say that KISS can’t rock, it’s an argument you won’t win.

3. Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)-Cinderella

Their name might make them sound like a bunch of nancies but to be honest Cinderella rocked it just as hard as anyone in their day and yet could come out and produce a song that made you almost weep for the days that are long gone. It was a testament to the era that hard rocking bands came to understand that it wouldn’t make them look weak or wimpy in any way to produce something that showed the fans that they were in fact capable of delivering feeling instead of just hard beats.

2. Fly To The Angels-Slaughter

Long hair and hard rock were a big thing back in these days and to be honest I kind of miss the music at least. It was something that hit you right in the soul and didn’t pull the punch in the least. These songs still meant something to those singing them and weren’t the cookie cutter junk that’s been continually produced since the mid-90’s. Back then rock was still something that you could count on.

1. Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue

This could one of the many songs on my personal anthem to be quite honest. I’m on my way, just set me free, home sweet home. Tell me this song and all the others don’t just pull at you and I might ask if you were born this century. Chances are I’d be right.

Monster rock ballads were and still are some of the best songs ever produced.



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