Five Actresses Who Should Play Tiffany Trump in a Movie

As you might imagine being the daughter of a man that seems to be universally hated throughout his home country by so many and still somehow liked well enough to have actual supporters can’t be easy at all times, but thankfully Tiffany Trump tends to not make the headlines that often. Well, at least not as a part of the smear campaign that, like it or not, is very real and does exist. So Trump isn’t the nicest guy, it’s true and proven, but he is the president of the United States and as such it’s more important to respect the office than it is to actively try to tear him down as has been happening since he was voted in. Tiffany thankfully has been doing her own thing and has only ever been slandered in the news and mentioned with her father a time or two in the years since he took office, as she’s been busy trying to build her own reputation and career throughout the years. Should she ever show up in a movie however there are a few individuals that might be selected to play her, and yes, some of these are very purposeful picks even if they might never happen.

Here are five women that could possibly play the part of Tiffany Trump.

5. Rose McGowan

Rose is a hard person to figure out these days since she’s taken a stance on a few things that almost seem to come into conflict with each other at times and yet don’t seem to overall. Her voice has been heard loud and clear throughout the past few years and it’s been obvious that trying to get her on any film set that’s not busily creating a movie that might fit her ideals would be kind of hard to accomplish. But placing her on this list isn’t as vindictive as you might think as it seems as though it might allow her to bring her perspective to the role and grant her a little more perspective that she might need now and again just to maintain a balanced view of the world.

4. Shailene Woodley

For some of these picks I’m going off of looks and who could pull it off the best and Shailene is one of those that might be able to do it. You might have been expecting someone like Jennifer Lawrence but to be honest I wasn’t feeling it. For this role the selected actress needs to be someone that can be noticeable and yet not drag the production down the tubes for one reason or another by being TOO popular. Some might argue that Shailene would do the same as Lawrence but quite honestly her star power isn’t quite as big and she could easily disappear in a crowd if she really tried, so she’s a shoe-in.

3. Dakota Fanning

At this point in life I’m almost convinced that Dakota Fanning can do just about anything and be great at it if she really wants to. She can disappear if she wants as well since in Brimstone it was kind of hard to recognize her at first, but once I did it was kind of a shock to realize that she’s right there in front of you and it takes a moment to notice. As a kid she was easy to identify but as an adult she’s become a lot better in her techniques and can easily impress just about anyone that’s watching. If she would accept the part it would no doubt be something quite easy for her to accomplish, of course the same could be said of Elle Fanning.

2. Chloe Grace Moretz

Some people might think I’m being vindictive and finding the names of those that don’t support the Trump’s but honestly, as I said, it’s more about looks and the ability to act that is allowing me to put some of these names on the list. Chloe is one of those that doesn’t seem to come around nearly as often and when she does it seems as though she’s bound to do something she agrees with more than anything. Whether or not she would take a role such as this is hard to say but when it comes right down to it a job is a job is a job, and if it’s paying then any personal feelings kind of need to be put aside at times.

1. Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee is another young woman that really seems to be coming into her own and making things happen since she’s just that good and she’s proven it across several movies at this point. Thinking that she would be the best of the bunch is a bit of a stretch but it does seem as though she might give the others a serious run for their money. Out of the lot it does seem as though she might take it or decline without any real rancor towards the president or his family, or their politics.

After all, politics notwithstanding, it’s a job.

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