Anthony Mackie Shares What Makes Him Nervous About Being an Avenger

Anthony Mackie Shares What Makes Him Nervous About Being an Avenger

Anthony Mackie Shares What Makes Him Nervous About Being an Avenger

It’s pretty easy to see how Anthony Mackie might be concerned about becoming complacent with the job of being an Avenger since he’s been a part of the MCU for a while now and has taken part in several of the movies and his own show. Anyone that becomes a part of something for long enough is going to have doubts as to whether they’re still doing the right thing for their career or if it’s time to switch it up and move on to something else. Mackie doesn’t want to think that he’s just going to be phoning his performances in, and it’s great that he’s thinking about this since it’s way too often that some actors simply get bored, keep working, and show their complacency in their performances. So far as anyone can tell, Mackie has been working his tail off and has shown up in a number of different movies and shows over the years, so it’s fair to say that he hasn’t been idle and he doesn’t show any sign of not enjoying the business at this point.

It feels pretty obvious that asking anyone whether or not they feel that Mackie isn’t the right guy for the role of the Falcon or Captain America would get mixed opinions, but few would ever say that he’s phoning it in. When looking at the career that he’s built for himself at this time it’s easy to state that he hasn’t been sitting on his butt and becoming disillusioned with the idea of acting, especially since his acting credits range from movies like 8 Mile to Pain and Gain to Altered Carbon and of course, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame among many others. This isn’t a guy that needs to worry about his act appearing to be false or less than genuine at any point, but it’s definitely interesting that he would sit and think about things in this manner. It does add a bit of humility to his character and might even help fans relate to him in a much stronger way.

It feels harsh to say this, but there are actors that kind of just go through the motions for various reasons, and sometimes it’s very easy to tell when this happens since there are those moments when they appear bored or not into the scene and might not realize what they’re doing. As far as it can be seen in his many appearances, Mackie has been able to appear genuine and focused in every role, which is one reason why he’s been coming up the way he is since his career has only continued to move up over the years, and has definitely been given a huge boost as the Falcon in the MCU. The big hope is that as the new Captain America he’ll be embraced at some point by the majority of the fans, though it is likely that he won’t see the same outpouring of affection as Chris Evans received over the past decade simply because of the fact is that Evans played one of the most recognized and loved versions of the character, and having Sam Wilson take on the role is a big switch that’s going to require some adjustment on the part of the fans. So far he appears to be doing just fine, but as the MCU continues to roll on one can only hope to see him make an even bigger impact since if anyone has been paying attention, the idea of who’s going to be the big actor on campus when it comes to the MCU is still up in the air no matter if there are plenty of people wanting to see Brie Larson take that spot.

Even Captain Marvel is coming under fire a bit though since not too long after the release of her movie and all the discussion and debate about who the strongest hero in the MCU really was, it was heard that Brie might not be retaining the title of Captain Marvel for very long since a lot of people apparently want to see someone else take over the role. That’s the one thing about fans, unfortunately, especially in the ‘woke’ era. People want to see one thing, then another thing, and then that trend will end, and then the next trend will come along, and so on and so forth until the people doing this hopping from one foot to the other realize that all they’re doing is spinning their wheels when it comes to demanding who they want as a superhero. For one reason or another, the idea of changing up one role after another is becoming kind of a thing among the fans, and it’s also irritating many of those that want to see the comic heroes emerge as they were written.

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