Five Actors Who Should Play Ted Bundy in a Feature Film

There might be some folks that would go as far as to say that Ted Bundy never had a fair shake at life when it came to being a well-adjusted individual, but it’s hard to say whether or not he would have been any different if he’d been born into a loving home. Instead he was given a bad situation that only became worse when his truly disturbing tendencies started to manifest as he got older. One thing about portraying a character like this is the question of how any actor would get into character to such a degree that they wouldn’t be scaring the living hell out of themselves with each take. It’s a job without a doubt, but there’s also something that seems inherently disturbing about trying to channel any and all inner demons that might help one to associate with a psychopath like Bundy on a level that would allow for even a hint of realism when filming such a role.

There are people that could cross this line and come back, but even then it seems as though such a role might exact a bit of a price now and again. Here are a few actors that might be able to do such a thing.

5. Andy Samberg

Just about everyone looks at Andy Samberg for being just what he is, a comedian. To think that he could switch gears and become a character like Bundy seems to indicate that a spoof might be on the way. But in truth his acting skill seems to indicate that he could indeed turn the corner and switch gears easily enough to produce the kind of grit it would take to complete this role. He’s at the end of the list largely for his appearance, though there is enough there that could be worked with in order to make him look like Bundy. It’s just a question of whether or not he would actually take on a role like this.

4. Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is just a cool, collected character. You don’t see him get out of sorts all that often or even raise his voice that much in a movie. That’s one very big reason why it seems as though he could play Bundy, because he’s the kind of guy that might be able to look like he’s keeping secrets while walking through life as though nothing is wrong. He might not be perfect for such a role but he’s good enough at what he does that he might be able to push through this role and really create a psychopathic lean that Bundy was so well known for. That calm and collected manner could easily be switched over to reserved and absolutely creepy.

3. Matt Bomer

Bomer is another person that seems like he’s pretty calm most of the time, though he’s shown that he has a very big emotional range as well. His inclusion on this list is largely because of looks, but his acting ability is easily on par with a lot of people that could pull of the role of a psychopath. The fact that a lot of his roles usually cast him in a light that’s anything but evil isn’t much of an issue since he seems like he can adapt and be quite versatile. His sense of class and culture could be an issue if he wasn’t good enough at what he does, but if you remember him from American Horror Story: Freaks and Hotel, then you know he can pull off more than just the classy roles.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel has actually shown that he can pull off a role that not only requires him to use an American accent, but can also take on the role of a truly despicable person as he did in Now You See Me 2. People got so used to seeing him in the Harry Potter movies that he became more of a hero until the conspiracy theories about the movies started being published here and there. Still, seeing as how he’s been heroic and diabolical to varying degrees it would seem that he’d be well-suited to take on this kind of role and really nail it out of the park. He’s not a one-trick pony after all and has been making a lot of headway in his career throughout the years.

1. Zac Efron

Zac is actually starring in a Ted Bundy movie already and it seems as though it might go against character since quite honestly his roles in teen films and even in Baywatch and Neighbors seem to indicate that he’s great at being the jock, the fratboy, and the cool guy, but taking on the role of someone like Ted Bundy is sure to be a test. It remains to be seen just how he’s going to do and how he’ll be received, but one can always hope that he’s going to be convincing.

It’s hard to honestly say that it’s hopeful that an actor can play the role of a killer convincingly, but that’s their job.

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