Five Actors Who Should Play Steve Perry in a Movie

Steve Perry became famous as the lead singer for the rock band Journey. The group was popular from the late ’70s through the late ’80s. They came together again in the middle ’90s, but Steve went out on his own and also found success as a solo musician. Fans would love to see a biopic about his life to learn more about the man behind the music. It would take a certain kind of actor to really bring the story of the rocker into a clearer view for the audience, and we have a few in mind. Here are five actors that should play the role of Steve Perry in a movie, and the reasons why.

5. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has a long line of credits in his professional portfolio. He was born in 1986, adn is currently 33 years old. His youthful appearance would make him an ideal choice from the viewpoint of aesthetics, to play the role of Steve Perry in a movie. He could play the singer at a younger age when he was just starting out with the band and progress in age nicely, thanks to the help of theatrical makeup and effects. Pattinson became famous in his role as Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” films, and also as Cedric Diggory in “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” We’ve heard rumors that he can sing as well. We think that a film about Steve Perry starring Pattinson in the lead would draw in the crowds in droves, and we have no doubt that he would portray him very well.

4. Tyler Blackburn

We’d like to see Tyler Blackburn in a movie as Steve Perry. Tyler is an actor and singer who is known for his appearance in the Nickelodeon series “Unfabulous.” He ha also made appearances in “Days of Our Lives,” and in “Gigantic.” but he is best known as Caleb Rivers in the television series “Pretty Little Liars.” He has good instincts as an actor, but another reason that we chose him is because of his experience in the music business. He’s also a recording artist with several songs to his credit. He’s an actor who could do his own vocals and wouldn’t necessarily need to lip-sync to make the role believable. We’d be very interested in seeing and hearing Tyler Blackburn’s rendition of Steve Perry in a movie.

3. Zac Efron

Although there isn’t a lot of resemblance between Zac Efron and Steve Perry, we still think that he’d be a great candidate for the role. First of all, Zac has an appeal to his audiences. He has a following of fans who sincerely appreciate his work as an actor as well as his singing. He has a foot in each world, and he’d have some great insights into the inner workings of the mind of the character. It’s obvious that he has a talent for delving into the psyche of his characters, and we’d like to see his version of Steve Perry acted out on the big screen. Efron would tell Perry’s story in a way that only Efron can do because of his ability to achieve a certain kind of depth. His delivery when playing the part of Ted Bundy in a movie about his life was absolutely flawless. He drew us right into the character.

2. Daniel Radcliffe

When Daniel Radcliffe grows a beard and mustache and lets his hair grow out he looks like a true rocker from the 1970s. He gained fame in his acting profession as the lead character in the “Harry Potter” franchise. After the series ended, Radcliffe found himself a grown man, but he headed a different direction in the movie genres for which he has most recently worked. He’s appeared in several films and television series roles including “Beast of Burden,” “Imperium,” “Now You See Me 2,” “Wiss Army Man,” “Victor Frankenstein,” “The Gamechangers,” and several others. We’d really like to see what he does in the lead role as Steve Perry in a film about the rocker’s life.

1. Jared Padalecki

Most of us are familiar with Jared Padalecki in his role as Sam Winchester on the television series “Supernatural.” We think that Jared is another suitable actor to play the role of Steve Perry in a movie. He has a lot of good acting experience and he’s also a music lover who has even tried his hand at it a time or two. Fans of Padalecki would give their wholehearted approval and flock to the premiere.

Final thoughts

We join fans of the legendary rock band Journey in hoping that someone will highlight the famed lead singer Steve Perry and tell his amazing story in the film. Journey went to the heights of fame and popularity with a few ups and a few downs, but they still remain a favorite of thousands of fans who would love to watch Perry’s story unfold. There’s a lot of struggle along with a lot of good times and we’d like to learn more about the man behind the music as revealed through one of these talented young actors, to show us through their interpretation of the great musician. Although we’re particular about Daniel Radcliffe because he bears the closest physical resemblance to Perry of them all, and he’s a skilled actor. Padalecki would also draw a crowd at the opening night, as would Pattinson or Blackburn. Zac Efron would drive fans crazy after leaving us wanting more from his Bundy portrayal. These are just a few of the reasons why we chose these five young male actors. After all, it would take a very special person to play the part of Steve Perry.

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