Five Actors Who Should Play Joe Biden in the Eventual Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Joe Biden in the Eventual Movie

Five Actors Who Should Play Joe Biden in the Eventual Movie

It would seem that some folks are a bit affectionate, but then again some do this when it doesn’t seem warranted and Joe Biden, unfortunately is one of those. In a piece written by Lucy Flores of The Cut it was stated that former VP Joe Biden that stated just how inappropriate can be it’s been seen that Biden is perhaps one of the strangest and possibly creepiest men in politics. The opinion that he’s anything but kosher around other people is something that could be dismissed if it was a once or twice thing that hadn’t happened again. But what’s unfortunate is that in another article by Neil Vigdor of the Hartford Courant, Biden was once again seen to touch a woman that didn’t really expect or want the intimate contact. The argument could be that it wasn’t anything sexual or so overtly wrong that it would have labeled him a predator, but these were cringe-worthy moments that you don’t normally expect of a person in any kind of leadership role.

With that being said it almost begs the idea that a biopic will be made on Biden, and we’ve come up with a few candidates that might work.

5. Dustin Hoffman

This might seem like kind of an odd choice but it does seem that it’s not a horrible idea since Hoffman is an outstanding actor and despite the claims against him in the recent past he’s still able to produce the kind of performance that people tend to enjoy and remember. It might be cutting it a little too close to home for some people that still enjoy Hoffman’s work to play a man that’s recently been accused up and down of being inappropriate since he suffered the slings and arrows of opinion as well, but given that many people want to keep on working even after the fallout of the Weinstein scandal and the MeToo movement it would seem that he’d take this role gratefully and do his utmost to make it perfect.

4. Same Elliott

The only downfall of this casting, and one reason it might not happen, is that it would mean that Sam Elliott would have shave his trademark mustache, and a lot of people might actually go berserk at that notion. He’s been seen with facial hair for so long that it would almost seem like sacrilege to make him take it off. That being said though his acting is great enough that he could definitely play the part, but in terms of being believable it might not work since his drawl is so forceful that it could possibly interfere with the whole idea of who Biden is and how he speaks. It still seems reasonably feasible though.

3. Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman seems like he can play anyone, anytime, anywhere. It might take the right prostheses now and again but he has shown that he’s up to the task of taking on pretty much any role he needs to when the moment calls for it. His acting style isn’t exactly all over the map, it’s right where it needs to be in order to get the part nailed and the job done. From the days of State of Grace and all the way up to Leon: The Professional and even The Darkest Hour, he’s been the kind of actor that simply morphs into whoever he needs to be in such an effective manner that it’s kind of impressive watching when he gets going.

2. Edward Norton

This might seem like an odd choice but when you really sit back and think about it there’s a good reason why it would be one of the first choices you might entertain since the body shape, the face shape, and the acting talent are all there. Plus, if you give Norton the chance he can be kind of a creepy character that you would think people didn’t want to be around. That being said Norton is also another person that can take on a role and acclimate to it in a way that makes him absolutely great no matter if the character’s loved or hated. Look at American History X after all, that movie was epic simply because people hated him to begin with and wound up understanding him by the end.

1. Robert De Niro

It almost seems like Robert would take on this role as a way to get back at Trump since he’s been quite vocal about the current POTUS when it comes to just about anything. That’s his opinion obviously and he’s welcome to it, but it does seem that if he took this role then it would be one of his greatest since he would pour as much energy into it as he possibly could. There’s no doubt he would be a professional about it, but it also seems that he’d be eyeing the current POTUS with his every breath.

Biden isn’t exactly a predator as some would shout gladly into the sky, but as Katie Galioto and many others have written he does seem to have a way of being inappropriate enough to make people uneasy.

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